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4 Lazy Fall Hairstyles Perfect For Medium Or Long Hair

Whether you’re running late or you just don’t feel like putting a ton of time into your hair, a lot of fall mornings call for easy hairstyles you can throw your hair into and go. A lot of these hairstyles sacrifice style for function, but these 4 lazy hairstyles give you style, sophistication, and ease … Read more

Kids Give Adults Haircuts, And They’re Pretty Brutal About It

Kids are notorious for saying whatever comes to mind, and these kids are pretty typical in that regard. From one girl saying how ugly her client was, to a boy talking about the love of his life, these kids were pretty frank with their haircut clients. Surprisingly, their haircuts weren’t the worst in the world, … Read more

Yes, You Can Curl Your Hair With Balloons, And It Really Works

We’ve seen a lot of strange ways to curl your hair in recent times, but this one is pretty new. apparently you can curl your hair with balloons. Yes, any old balloon. We were kind of shocked too. Turns out, they make for pretty good heatless curls. This is a perfect hairstyle for when you … Read more

4 Normal People Go Without Shampoo For A Week And It Isn’t Pretty

Most of us are compulsive shampooers. It feels weird to skip a day, even if you’re tired, so you toddle into the shower, half awake, to make sure you put the right foot forward for the day. This isn’t the greatest for your hair, but is the other extreme any better? After going without shampooing … Read more

Women Try Men’s Body Products For A Week And Realize The Pink Tax Is A Real Thing

You might have heard the words ‘Pink Tax’ bandied about, a term stating that women pay more than men for the same or very similar beauty products. Proponents of this idea argue that women won’t willingly pay an extra tax for being a lady, but they’ll definitely fork over the money for expensive beauty products. … Read more

These 3 Easy Headband Braids Will Upgrade Your Style In Just Minutes

Elegance comes at a price, and usually that means lots and lots of time. Fortunately, these 3 braid hairstyles can be finished in next to no time at all, meaning you can have a gorgeous look without the effort. Whether you’ve got long hair, or medium hair, these styles work with any type of hair. … Read more

These People Prove That Hair Makeovers Can Change Lives

So many of us hit up the hairstylist asking for them to keep everything the same. We want basic cuts. We’re afraid to go short. We’re afraid to deal with our natural hair, whether it’s curly, straight, or somewhere in between. It’s easy to get into habits, especially as life gets busier and you’ve got … Read more

These 4 Fall Hairstyles Are Perfect For Longer Hair

So you’ve grown your hair out, and you want to keep it that way, but no tutorials seem to give you what you need. They’re designed for short hair, hair with curls, or really short hair. When you’ve got a large amount of locks, it can be hard to know what to do with them. … Read more

Just When You Thought You’d Seen It All, This Woman Curls Her Hair With Cheetos (Seriously)

With the 100 layer trend fading into obscurity, we thought we were safe from terrible YouTube beauty trends for awhile. Apparently we were wrong. Although the craze started with dish sponges, YouTuber Bunny decided to up the ante by curling her hair with actual Cheetos. Yes, the Cheetos of orange finger fame. We’re confused too. … Read more

Missed Your Alarm? These 3 Hairstyles Will Have You Ready In A Flash

We’ve all had that moment of panic where we startle out of sleep, look at our alarms, and realize we’re super late. Usually this results in us doing next to nothing with our hair, but it doesn’t have to be that way. These hairstyles can be done in just moments, meaning they’re perfect for mornings … Read more

Get These Beautiful Lazy Curls In Just 5 Minutes

When you’re running late for school or work, you need curls fast. This tutorial will give you soft curls or beach waves in just a few minutes, using either a curling iron or straightener. When you’re in a rush, you can still look beautiful. Check out this tutorial for a solution to your morning woes.