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Reba McEntire Selected for 2018 Kennedy Center Honors

Reba McEntire Red carpet

Reba McEntire is adding one more well-deserved honor to her list of accomplishments.The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts has announced that the “Fancy” singer will be one of the honorees at the 2018 Kennedy Center Honors. Reba joins three other iconic performers including Cher, composer and pianist Philip Glass and jazz saxophonist Wayne … Read more

Kelly Clarkson and Billy Gilman Did the Unimiganible During Their Duet on “The Voice” Finale

While watching Billy Gilman’s Final 4 finale performance on “The Voice,” I said outloud to my dog, “Why doesn’t Billy Gilman go try out Broadway and just kill it?” His voice is big and dramatic and perfect for it. To prove just how perfect he’d be for that stage, Kelly Clarkson brought her Hamilton Mixtape … Read more

Kelly Clarkson Says “Hamilton” Made Her Husband Cry

If you haven’t yet heard, Kelly Clarkson will be a part of Hamilton Mixtape, a collection of “Hamilton” songs reimagined by popular artists. During an interview with iHeart Radio, Kelly revealed that when this opportunity came about, she hadn’t even seen the musical. All she had to pull inspiration from was the track that was … Read more

Kelly Clarkson Performs Emotional “It’s Quiet Uptown” From the New ‘Hamilton Mixtape’ on “Today”

Kelly Clarkson says she’s “super lucky” to be included in the “Hamilton Mixtape.” The new album reimagines songs from the hit Broadway show “Hamilton” by current popular singers. Clarkson was first sent the song, which is about the death of Alexander Hamilton’s teenage son, before she seen the musical. “I”m a few weeks away from … Read more