7 Things You Should Definitely Buy Yourself for Valentine’s Day

I’ve only had an actual Valentine on Valentine’s day a handful of times, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t treated myself to more than a few Valentine’s Day gifts. Like Donna on “Parks and Rec” always says, “treat yo’ self!” 7 Things You Should Definitely Buy Yourself for Valentine’s Day: 1. Mint Paisley Monogram Initial Bracelet … Read more

One Piece Three Ways: Floral Frenzy

The easiest way to get the most out of your favorite piece is learning how to style it in different ways. However, sometimes that adorable floral dress can be a little tricky. While we are all decently comfortable with the traditional dress + shoes + matching accessories, anything outside of that box, is well, outside … Read more

Getting to Know Danielle Nicole: Handbag Designer Extraordinaire

During our first trip to acquire new handbag brands for Country Outfitter, we were at the Artisan House Showroom previewing a well-known brand. As we were leaving, we noticed that Artisan House also repped the up and coming line “Danielle Nicole.” We were familiar with the brand, so we popped in and glanced at the … Read more