Luke Bryan Lost His Mind While Hunting With Jason Aldean

Luke Bryan is energetic. He is funny. He can even be excitable. But you have never seen Luke Bryan more energized, more excited, or more hilarious than when he “smokes” a deer on “Buck Commander.” He’s like a kid on Christmas morning. And if that weren’t enough, Jason Aldean added commentary. This is the goofy … Read more

Get Ready for Hunting Season by Avoiding These Hilarious Stereotypes

We are a still a long way out from hunting season, but it’s never too early to start getting ready. Some guys get ready by going on scouting trips, mending and updating equipment, or practicing shooting skills but few guys take a hard look at themselves. Every hunting crew has “that guy” who always acts … Read more

Luke Bryan’s Wife Caroline Took Their Son Bo (Cougar?) Hunting– It Did Not Go Well

Caroline Bryan gets as much time on the road with superstar husband Luke Bryan, but she’s also a full-time mom to three boys at home. Recently, while Luke was out on his Farm Tour, Caroline did what any good mom would do– she took her son Bo hunting. But, it didn’t really go well. At … Read more

Bass Pro Just Bought Cabela’s For $4B And Now Rules The Outdoors Galaxy

Bass Pro Shops and Cabela’s have similar roots: both started as mom-and-pop small businesses selling fishing gear in the 1960s. In the 50 years since, both have grown into enormous, billion dollar revenue outdoor chains. But, as of today, these two heartland chains are no longer competitors. Bass Pro Shops has just announced it has … Read more

Luke Bryan’s Latest Instagram Posts Are So Cute You’ll Squeal

When Luke Bryan sings, “If I could make a living walking in the woods / You could bet I’d be sitting pretty good” during “Huntin’, Fishin’ and Lovin’ Every Day” he really means it. Especially if he gets to walk in the woods or turn them bass with his boys. And it looks like Luke … Read more

Arkansas Firefighters Use Old Duck Hunting Trick to Help Put Out Houston Fire Amongst Hurricane Harvey Debris

Two good ol’ boys from Arkansas are getting national attention for using an old duck hunting trick to put out a fire in a flooded Houston neighborhood last week. Central Arkansas Firefighters Jason Hunt and Beau Bishop told reporters they were helping people evacuate from their flooded homes when they saw black smoke in the … Read more

Field & Stream’s Venison Patty Melt Will Make You Wonder Why You Ever Ate Beef Burgers

The patty melt is the holy union of grilled cheese sandwiches and burgers. It is simple, greasy, gooey, and completely satisfying. The recipe is simple– caramelized onions, good bread, cheese, butter, and meat– but life changing if you get it right. Field & Stream put a twist on the average patty melt by substituting the … Read more

The Off-Road Commode Is The Most Hilariously Disturbing Accessory You Can Buy Right Now

So, you’re in the woods and nature calls. Do you race out of the stand, abandon the hunt, or ask your butler to help you? If you answered “call your butler,” boy oh boy, do I have a product for you! You’re the kind of feller who likes the finer things in life– store bought … Read more

CDC Says Deer Are the Deadliest Animals in America, So Watch Out

Humans have lived inside for thousands of years. This isn’t by accident of course. As a means to protect ourselves from Mother Nature, be it weather or beast, we literally invented inside. And we have spent the last few thousand years making inside pretty great. Air conditioning, insulation, windows, WiFi, Amazon Echos, and refrigerators have … Read more

[Recipe] Hunting and Cooking Wild Boar with Gordon Ramsay

Gordon Ramsay is an unstoppable force in the kitchen. He is bombastic, knowledgeable, and an expert in all things food. He has also shown that he is a teacher at heart, sharing his recipes and experience all over the Internet. That includes demonstrating how to hunt, butcher, and cook a wild boar in rural Georgia. … Read more

Dude Perfect Hits the Range With Some Seriously Impressive Trick Shots

I’m not sure what your were planning on for your next bachelor party or bro-weekend, but you will want to change your plans. The fellas over at Dude Perfect are living the bro-hang dream by getting paid to mess around with their buddies. They recently took their skills–mad skills– to the range, making some seriously … Read more

Jason Aldean and His Dad Star in New Commercial Together and It’ll Make You Wanna Hug Your Dad (Or At Least Call Him)

Jason Aldean is always quick to mention his dad when discussing where his love of music comes from, but it seems like he got a lot more from dear ol’ dad than a huge career. His love for all things outdoors also started at home, or more specifically in a deer stand with his dad. … Read more