Country Music Buzz

It seems like every week is a big week in country music. And that’s the way we like it! Here’s our weekly recap of everything (or a lot of) that happened this week. The ACM Awards were clearly the biggest news of the week!  Hosted by Blake Shelton and Luke Bryan, the show was full … Read more

Hidden Talents of Country Music Stars

You might think that having one incredible talent would be enough, but not for these country legends. Here are some of the stranger talents your favorite artists have been keeping secret. Until now. Let’s lift the lid on some of those hidden talents. Jason Aldean: Professional Baseball Player (Almost) When Jason Aldean finished high school, … Read more

Nine Country Love Songs that Might be About Pickup Trucks

Ever been listening to a country music song about life and love that makes you feel giddy and then suddenly, you start listening a little closer and you figure out you might be listening to a song about… a truck? Or is about love? Or a woman? Or a cowboy? Here are our favorite country … Read more

What Can You Learn About Life from a Jason Aldean Song?

When it comes to down-home, relatable songs, Jason Aldean is the cream of the crop. His smooth, rock-edged voice wraps neatly around his well-worn lyrics — whether he’s singing about getting rowdy or remembering his glory days in high school. Since his major label debut in 2008, he has left a trail of memorable fist-pumping … Read more