Ellen DeGeneres Speaks Out on Backlash Over Image of Her and Former President Bush Together

Ellen DeGeneres address backlash over President George W. bush image at Cowboys game

They say a picture is a worth a thousand words. However, with the invention of the internet, a picture gets more than a thousand words these days. Apparently, Ellen DeGeneres got a lot of nasty words flung at her after the video image of her and President George W. Bush sitting next to each other … Read more

The Dallas Cowboys And Team Owners Took A Knee Before The National Anthem

Before the National Anthem played on Monday Night Football, the entire Dallas Cowboys roster, coaches, and the Jerry Jones family locked arms and took a knee in the middle of University of Phoenix Stadium. When the anthem began to play, everyone rose to their feet and placed their hands over their hearts. The gesture was … Read more

Jerry Jones Kicked Blake and Luke Off His Field

Blake Shelton and Luke Bryan may be the hosts of the 2015 ACM Awards at AT&T Stadium (or “Jerry World”), but it is still Jerry Jones’ world and we’re all just living in it. About the time Luke flashes his signature smile and he gives Blake a high-five, Jones comes in to break up the … Read more