Thomas Rhett’s Big Hit “Die A Happy Man” Is Making His Live Shows Better Than Ever

Apparently having a song top the charts for weeks on end is pretty good for someone in the country music business. That’s what Thomas Rhett is finding out, anyway, with his number one multi-week hit “Die A Happy Man” impacting his live shows in ways he never thought possible. “It’s amazing that we’ve been playing … Read more

11 Fashion Rules Every Girl Can Learn From Thomas Rhett’s Wife Lauren

By now, you’ve been introduced to Thomas Rhett‘s wife Lauren, right? I mean, not only is she the star of Thomas’ “Die A Happy Man” music video (aka the sweetest music video ever), but she’s super cute, does a lot of charity work with an organization called 147 Million Orphans, is an avid Harry Potter … Read more

Thomas Rhett’s New “Star of the Show” is Another Unapologetic, Sexy Ode to His Wife

If you loved Thomas Rhett’s “Die a Happy Man,” his new single, “Star of the Show” will be coming out of your speakers for the foreseeable future. “Star Of the Show” is almost a prequel to Rhett’s, now, signature tune about his wife, Lauren. The new tune is off Rhett’s deluxe version of Tangled Up, … Read more

Thomas Rhett Shares Why He Thinks His Wife is More Popular Than Him

Thomas Rhett isn’t afraid to admit that people might like his wife Lauren more than they like him. During a recent interview with HANK FM, Thomas admitted that “she’s way more famous than I am” and mentioned that he will likely retire as soon as Lauren gets more Instagram followers than him. View this post … Read more

19 (More) Times Thomas Rhett and Lauren Akins Were Total #RelationshipGoals

Out of all the cute, enviable, loving country music couples out there, Thomas Rhett and Lauren Akins have to be my very favorite. Not only are they adorable, beautiful and completely aww-worthy, but they’re authentic, relatable and totally down-to-Earth. I also love that they’ve been friends since the first grade. How adorable is that? Through … Read more

10 Times Thomas Rhett’s Dogs Were The Best Things on the Internet

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Proof that Thomas Rhett and Lauren Akins are the Cutest Tourists in the World

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6 Times Thomas Rhett’s Wife Lauren Was #StyleGoals

If you haven’t seen the music video for “Die A Happy Man,” you’re absolutely missing out. The touching video stars country music artist Thomas Rhett, his wife Lauren and their love story. It’s incredibly adorable. You can totally tell how perfect these two are for each other in the video. Not only are they cute-as-can-be dancing outside on their … Read more

Thomas Rhett Says His Wife Makes Him “Up His Game”

Thomas Rhett’s five-week No. 1 song, “Die A Happy Man,” was inspired by his wife Lauren, who also encouraged him to include some sweeter songs on his Tangled Up album. When it comes to hit songs, Lauren has been encouraging and inspiring Thomas for years and obviously, whatever she is saying to him is working. … Read more

Thomas Rhett and His Wife Have Definitely Aged Like a Fine Wine

Country music singer Thomas Rhett and his beautiful wife Lauren have known each other for a long time. The couple first met when they were in the first grade and have been super close ever since. Needless to say, the two of them have been through a lot together, including the awkward years. Thomas recently shared … Read more

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20 Times Thomas Rhett and His Wife Lauren Gave Us Intense Relationship Goals

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