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The Ultimate 100 Layer Video To End All 100 Layer Videos

The 100 layer trend is still going strong, with people trying just about everything under the sun to shock and awe viewers. We’ve seen foundation, lipstick, eyeliner, mascara, highlighter, and even face paint. Honestly it’s hard to find something people aren’t using for these 100 layer videos. We’re still having an editorial discussion about which … Read more

Watch What Happens When This Woman Spends 8 Hours Applying 100 Coats Of Lipstick

This is a new one, for sure. There have been videos floating around the internet of women putting 100 coats of nail polish on just to see what would happen, but doing the same thing on your lips is something else. This woman dedicated 8 hours (no, we’re not joking) of her own time to … Read more

If You’ve Ever Wondered How Lipstick Is Made, We’ve Got The Answer Here

Lots of work goes into getting that shade of lipstick just right. After all, makeup creation is equal parts science and art. But it might be more science than you think. From beakers, to chemistry, to mechanical engineering, tons of very science-y things go into the creation of that lipstick you’re wearing. So the next … Read more

The Surprisingly Effective Way To Permanently Whiten Your Teeth

Maybe your teeth are yellow, or gray. They just don’t shine the way pearly whites are supposed to, and you’ve tried everything. Whitening toothpaste, at home whitening kits, and even home remedies. Maybe you’ve even had them professionally whitened and the end result is just not what you want. Or maybe your teeth are extremely … Read more

These Clear Lipsticks Are Kind Of Incredible And We Need Them Now

Alright so lipstick is usually pretty fun, but this is on a whole new level. Like, an obsessive level. This crazy lipstick houses a flower within a clear lipstick housing. We know, it’s pretty incredible. But it gets better (just like the infomercials). Apparently this stuff changes colors depending on your body temperature. Kind of … Read more

8 Lipstick and Clothing Color Combinations that are Always Flattering

As someone who isn’t an expert on makeup or makeup application, I often have a hard time picking out lipstick and clothing colors that compliment each other — typically, the colors I pick out aren’t bad, per se, but they’re definitely not as good as it could be. After vowing to put more effort into my appearance this year, I did a … Read more