Boxed Fireball Whisky is Here, So Your Family Christmas Gathering Just Took a Turn

To borrow from “A Tale of Two Cities” real quick, Fireball Whisky is the best of times and the worst of times. From my perspective, though I don’t drink it and kind of gag at the thought of it, it’s usually the worst of times. But, for others, they love it and owning a giant … Read more

6 Perfect Cocktails for the 4th of July

Celebrate your independence with some refreshing and delicious cocktails this 4th of July. Whether you are a beer fan or tequila lover, we’ve got a list of drinks that will keep you cool. 1. Sam Adams Summer “Ale-Fresca” Popsicle Ingredients: Juice from 3 small to medium sized lemons (make sure they smell aromatic), about 1/3 … Read more

3 Grilled Cocktails for Summer

When you’re firing up the grill this summer, you can use it for a lot more than just your steaks and burgers. Here are three ways to spice up your summer BBQ. 1. Sauza® Scorched Wahini Ingredients: 2 parts Sauza® Signature Blue Silver Tequila 1 part simple syrup 2 parts pineapple juice 1 grilled pineapple … Read more

Florida Georgia Line is Launching a Whiskey Line

During a recent interview with K92.3, Florida Georgia Line got real candid when discussing their love for the Backstreet Boys and some other big plans for their future. The duo is launching a whiskey line. (We thought they’d go with a body spray, then maybe a liquor, but this seems natural too.) “It’s not officially … Read more

4 Refreshing Cocktails for Memorial Day Weekend

Memorial Day is a heavy holiday, where we reflect and honor those who died while serving in the United States armed forces. Many Americans pay tribute to those who made the ultimate sacrifice by living life to the fullest. Whether that be with a backyard barbecue or spending a day in a canoe easing their … Read more

We Tried That Vodka Blake Shelton’s Been Talking About

Earlier this year, Blake Shelton helped roll out a new vodka straight from the Heartland– Smithworks Vodka. According to Smithworks, “Like Smithworks, Blake was born and bred in America’s Heartland. In fact, he still lives there. And like Smithworks, Blake was raised on hard work, dedication, and an appreciation for celebrating life’s simple pleasures with … Read more

5 Irish-Inspired Cocktail Recipes That Will Get You in the St. Patty’s Day Mood

St. Patrick’s Day is a time of celebration, wearing too much green and, of course, tossing back a foamy pitcher of green beer. But, this year, instead of wasting your money on cheap, hardly palatable brew, why not enjoy a much more elegant and incredibly delicious cocktail — or 10? Sure, Irish heritage is usually … Read more

Easiest Bitter Sweet Manhattan Recipe

This easy, deliciously smoky cocktail is the perfect addition to any holiday party, romantic dinner or after dinner snack. The combination of flavors is sure to impress your guests and make them think you spent a lot longer than you did preparing this bitter sweet Manhattan. Easiest Bitter Sweet Manhattan Recipe: Ingredients:  2 oz Rye … Read more