This Little Kid Cowboy is Our New Favorite Human

Blayze is a real cowboy. Like, a real cowboy. Blayze, a 6-year-old cowboy from Oklahoma, told Steve Harvey all about his cowboy lifestyle on “Little Big Shots” and we’re obsessed with him. Blayze has been roping since he was 2 or so and he’s got the work ethic of a cowboy five times his age. … Read more

Jimmy Fallon Featured Two Sets of Talented Twins on His Show (and It Was the Cutest Thing Ever)

If you haven’t tuned into Steve Harvey and Ellen‘s new show “Little Big Shots,” you’re missing out. Basically, the show features a variety of talented kiddos from across the nation performing talents ranging from yodeling, to playing basketball, to magic and it’s the cutest (and best thing) on TV right now. Recently, in promotion of … Read more