Mark Wahlberg Shows Off Six Pack Abs and Internet and Tom Brady Go Wild

Mark Wahlberg shirtless shows off six pack abs after fitness

Marky Mark is getting in shape. As if Mark Wahlberg wasn’t already in shape, the actor took his fitness to another level. The “Ted” star shared a photo of his six-pack abs after completing the F45 training program and the internet is going crazy. Even New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady couldn’t help but comment. … Read more

A Simple Game of Trivia Goes Off The Rails When Mark Wahlberg And Ellen Literally Start Talking S#*!

Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg are an unusual but effective comedic duo. Will has his sly wit and Mark is more of the blunt force Bostonian acting first and thinking second. To promote their sequel to the father-comedy (is that a genre?) “Daddy’s Home” the two showed up on “The Ellen Show” to play a … Read more