Mickey Guyton is Engaged and She’s Got the Rock to Prove It

After two hit songs all about heartbreak and moving on, Mickey Guyton has announced her engagement. Maybe. I think. In a fairly cryptic post to Instagram, Mickey shared a photo of an absolutely stunning ring and the caption, “So… I’m not one to really talk about my relationship because I can be pretty private when … Read more

Mickey Guyton Performs Super Sassy “Heartbreak Song” on “Today”

Country music singer Mickey Guyton took the “Today” stage recently to perform her super spunky “Heartbreak Song” — and it was flawless. A track she wrote to rebuttal an ex-boyfriend who mistakenly thought her first single “Better Than You Left Me” was about him, “Heartbreak Song” is the ultimate slap in the face to any … Read more

11 Times Mickey Guyton Was the Cutest Thing About Country Music

The stars of country music are undoubtedly some of the coolest people in the world — like, I want to be all of their best friends. And one of the cutest, sweetest country music stars of our time has to be 33-year-old Mickey Guyton. The girl is not only incredibly talented, but she has awesome … Read more

33-Minute Discussion Between Kacey, Cam, Maren, Mickey, Margo and Aubrie is Worth Every Second of Your Time

“For a while, it was like, just kind of the standard to just have a pretty face and a big voice and now, I don’t feel like that’s as important. I feel like what you’re saying it more important,” Kacey Musgraves said in the opening 90 seconds of the fiercest, most passionate roundtable discussion to … Read more

11 Most Interesting Twitter Bios in Country Music

The Internet these days is all about headlines. What’s appealing? What’s engaging? What makes people click, right? Right. The same can be said for a Twitter (or Instagram) bio. A social media bio should give the reader some insight into the person and compel them to follow. In a quick analysis of some of our … Read more

I Love Dolly Parton, But This Is the Creepiest Instagram I’ve Ever Seen

It’s Wednesday, Woman Crush Wednesday (#WCW) to be exact, and in celebration of the weekly holiday, country music sensation Mickey Guyton posted a loving little note via Instagram, claiming country music queen Dolly Parton as her ultimate #WCW. Along with the note, came an interesting video-type thing, which shows Dolly blowing a bubble with bubble … Read more

10 Fashion Rules Every Girl Can Learn From Mickey Guyton

Country newcomer Mickey Guyton is one to look out for. Not only is her talent off the charts, but her fun and colorful sense of style is the icing on the cake. So, if I were you, I’d allow the “Heartbreak Song” singer to show you how it’s done. 10 Fashion Rules Every Girl Can … Read more

Playlist: Summertime Mixtape

The heat of summertime is reaching its apex, as July is slowly beginning its descent into August. The water coolers are packed with select adult beverages, the pickup truck is topped off with gas and all your rowdy friends are comin’ over tonight. What better what to celebrate the moment than a mixtape? One Country … Read more

Mickey Guyton’s “Heartbreak Song” is Literally About a Guy Who Says Dumb Stuff

Mickey Guyton, the girl behind the strong, emotional lyrics of “Better than You Left Me,” is back with a new twist on the typical breakup, heartbreak ballad. “Heartbreak Song,” just released by Guyton, is an upbeat, counter-intuitive response to a break-up, shattering the typical end-of-the-love-story tune. Guyton wrote the song in response to an ex-boyfriend … Read more

Mickey Guyton Plays “Golf Cart Confessions” with Brandy Clark and Eric Paslay

While hanging out backstage at CMA Fest, country music sweetheart Mickey Guyton took some time to chat with a couple of her fellow artists and friends, Brandy Clark and Eric Paslay, during a segment called “Golf Cart Confessions,” which is exactly what you think it is — confessions in a golf cart. During the segment, … Read more

8 Songs We Can’t Stop Listening To Right Now

What is summer (or any time the year really) without a fun, addicting and just plain good playlist to guide you through it? Not only are the songs we listen to on a daily basis significant parts of the memories we make, but they also add an element of fun and depth to any situation. … Read more

Mickey Guyton’s Cover of Beyonce’s “If I Were a Boy” Will Stop You in Your Tracks

Beyonce’s “If I Were a Boy” is an emotional ballad about the misunderstandings between men, women, boys, girls and everything in between. The song was originally released on Beyonce’s 2008 third studio album I Am… Sasha Fierce and Reba released a country version in 2010. However, Mickey Guyton‘s soulful and compelling cover may be our … Read more