Carrie Underwood is Procrastinating Making Father’s Day Plans

With everything going on lately, Carrie Underwood has yet to plan out father’s day. Between her father and her husband, she’s got some work to do. “I have not even begun to compute Father’s Day yet. We just wrapped the first leg of the tour and then it was immediately here for CMA Music Fest … Read more

Carrie Underwood and Mike Fisher’s Face Swap is One of the Worst Things You’ll Ever See

Carrie Underwood was recently selected as one of People’s Most Beautiful People in the World. Mike Fisher is a very attractive man. Together, they are one great looking couple. However, the famous Nashville couple do not make a pretty version of each other. There are no words for the recent Face Swap Carrie posted to … Read more

Carrie Underwood Owns a Cannon and Knows How to Use It

Carrie Underwood and Mike Fisher live out in the country on a lot of land pretty close to Nashville, but far enough away the couple can enjoy the great outdoors and a cannon. A cannon? Yes, Carrie and Mike own a cannon and they know how to use it. Recently, Carrie used it to celebrate … Read more

Mike Fisher’s Game-Winning Goal in Triple Overtime Had Carrie Underwood Celebrating (And His Teammates Falling Over)

After the Nashville Predators triple overtime Stanley Cup Playoff win against the San Jose Sharks, Mike Fisher became more famous than Carrie Underwood for at least an evening. Fisher‘s triple overtime goal found the back of the net and sent two of his teammates straight to the ice– but, they weren’t even on skates. They … Read more

Garth Brooks and Mike Fisher Dedicate Duet to Carrie Underwood

It finally happened! After months of build-up, Garth Brooks and Mike Fisher finally performed that duet they’ve been talking about. Garth started the performance by saying, “I’d like to send this song out to my girlfriend Carrie Underwood,” before Mike took the spotlight. It was not awful. Of course, Carrie was a little upset that … Read more

Carrie Underwood and Baby Isaiah Hit the Ice with Mike Fisher and Everyone Collectively Went “Aww”

Mike Fisher recently played his 1,000th career game in the NHL, so of course Carrie Underwood was on hand for the ceremony honoring her man. Carrie also brought along baby Isaiah, who recently turned 1-year-old. Fisher was honored with a silver hockey stick, a framed photo collage depicting his 16-year career with the Nashville Predators … Read more

3 Things Carrie Underwood Finds Super Romantic

Carrie Underwood has always said she’s not into mushy, romantic songs. We’ve always believed her because– “Before He Cheats” and “Two Black Cadillacs” are only mushy if you’re kind of psychotic. We really believe Carrie’s stance on romance after a recent interview with People for its special “American Idol” collector’s edition. People Magazine The country … Read more

9 Hottest Couples in Country Music

Love is always in the air all the time when it comes to country music. This month and every month, we salute country music’s greatest romances and hottest couples. 9 Hottest Couples in Country Music: 1. Jimi Westbrook and Karen Fairchild Maybe it’s because they are in a group together, but this married half of … Read more

Mike Fisher Has Agreed to Duet with Garth Brooks (Carrie Underwood to Sing Background Vocals?)

Last week, Carrie Underwood shared a super cute video of her husband, Mike Fisher, singing a riveting version of Garth Brooks’ hit, “The River.” Carrie often makes fun of Mike’s singing, but it looks like the jokes on her, now– after a few posts on social media, it looks like Garth reached out to Mike … Read more

Carrie Underwood is Ready to Record a Duet With Her Husband

Last year, Carrie Underwood went on “The Tonight Show” and told Jimmy Fallon her husband, Mike Fisher, only knows the words to one song– Tag Team’s “Whoomp! (There It Is).” It looks like Mike is stepping up his game and had learned the words to the Garth Brooks hit, “The River.” Carrie says a duet … Read more

Mr. Carrie Underwood (Mike Fisher) Knocked a Guy’s Tooth Out During a Hockey Fight

Don’t try telling anyone that Mike Fisher, Carrie Underwood’s husband and baby daddy, isn’t tough as hell. During a recent tussle with Kevin Bieska of the Anaheim Ducks, Fisher went fist to face and knocked the guy’s tooth plumb out. Literally. You can see the tooth fall out. Or the “chiclet” as the announcers called … Read more

That Time Carrie Underwood and Mike Fisher Played Hockey Together

Rumor has it that Carrie Underwood was a pretty decent athlete growing up in Checotah, Oklahoma. It’s fair to assume that she used very few of those skills inside of the hockey rink though. Northeast Oklahoma just isn’t known as a hotbed of hockey superstars. However, after she married NHL player, Mike Fisher, Carrie got used … Read more