Nick Viall (From “The Bachelor”) is Headed Back to TV as An Actor, Which is Not Shocking Information

Nick Viall has appeared on approximately half of the seasons of “The Bachelor/ette.” So, that’s something like 3 years worth of reality TV dating, which is closer to 42 years in reality TV time. (Reality TV time is a lot like dog years, but more.) The not-so-fan-favorite is headed back to ABC this fall as … Read more

Nick And Vanessa Break The Silence After Their Split

Nick Viall and Vanessa Grimaldi announced their break up in a joint press release a few days ago. Today, they have each broken the silence and opened up about how they are coping with the break up. Nick did a very Nick thing and went to a media outlet to publicize his feelings. “I still … Read more

Nick and Vanessa from “The Bachelor” Announce Their Not-So-Shocking Split

In a statement to the press, famed couple from “The Bachelor,” Nick Viall and Vanessa Grimaldi have called off their engagement. It’s with a great amount of heartbreak for the both us as we have decided to end our engagement. We gave this relationship our all and we are saddened that we did not get … Read more

Nick Viall Ditched His Beard and His Sex Appeal to Look Like Pinocchio on “Dancing With the Stars”

Well, what do you know? The instant Nick Viall shaved his beard and committed to not making a beloved children’s classic like “Pinocchio” sexy on “Dancing With the Stars,” he danced his best routine of the season. For DWTS’ Disney night, each pair was tasked with dancing to a Disney classic and making it their … Read more

Nick Viall Strips Down and Gets Help From Fianceé Vanessa on “Dancing With the Stars”

Not shockingly, Nick Viall’s most memorable year is 2016 because that’s the year he finally got someone to say yes to an on-air proposal on “The Bachelor.” Shockingly, he’s using that story to extend his time on “Dancing With the Stars” and somehow, his fianceé Vanessa is playing along with it. If you win “The … Read more

Nick Viall Says the William Shatner Tweets Were “Heartbreaking”

After William Shatner went on a Twitter rampage during “Dancing With the Stars” against four-time contestant on “The Bachelor,” Nick Viall, the world took notice. And yes, Viall noticed too. Admittedly, it’s kind of weird and random, but Shatner has a good point– Viall was awful on “The Bachelorette.” Viall called the tweets “heartbreaking.” We … Read more

Celebrity Feud Alert: William Shatner Has Waged a Twitter War Against Nick Viall (“The Bachelor”) To Get Him Kicked Off “Dancing With the Stars”

Twitter strikes again! William Shatner has unapologetically waged war against former constant soulmate searcher and four-time contestant on “The Bachelor,” Nick Viall, as he starts his journey on “Dancing With the Stars.” Out of nowhere, during the first episode of this season of everyone’s favorite dancing competition, Shatner started tweeting like no one was reading, … Read more

Nick Viall Proposed to Vanessa and Then Played the Newly Engaged Game with Jimmy Kimmel

The 429th season of “The Bachelor” finally wrapped up with four-timer Nick Viall proposing to super nice Canadian, Vanessa. Raven, Carrie Underwood song writer, finished as the runner-up. The proposal happened in Finland right before (American) Thanksgiving and now that the two are finally able to be in public together, they hit up “Jimmy Kimmel … Read more

12 Most-Interesting Limo Arrivals During Season Premiere of “The Bachelor”

As the Backstreet Boys once said, “Oh my God, we’re back again!” And just like that, season 712 of ABC’s “The Bachelor” is back with Nick Viall. Of course, the best part of the premiere was the limo arrivals and all the awkwardness that ensued. 12 Most Interesting Limo Arrivals During the Season Premiere of … Read more