John Cena Took Nikki Bella’s DWTS Elimination Worse Than She Did: ‘She Gave It Her All’

During the Halloween episode of “Dancing With The Stars,” WWE star Nikki Bella was eliminated after her Jive performance with partner Artem Chigvinstev. In a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight, John Cena admitted that he took the elimination harder than Nikki did. “I thought she handled it great…I think I handled it worse,” he said. … Read more

Nikki Bella Ousted from “Dancing With the Stars” in Double Elimination Shocker

Nikki Bella will never trust a prop Grim Reaper on any TV or movie set again. As the final minutes of a scary in a weird way Halloween episode of “Dancing With the Stars” came to a close, the Grim Reaper handed two cards to hosts Tom Bergeron and Erin Andrews. As Tom had announced … Read more

Nikki Bella and John Cena Moved Up Their Wedding Date and Changed Their Location

After dating for several years John Cena and Nikki Bella finally got engaged where they originally met– inside a wrestling ring at Wrestlemania 33. John proposed with a massive 4.5-carat ring, which would’ve been hard for anybody to turn down. As far as wedding planning goes, we know Nikki has been pretty tied up on … Read more

Nikki Bella Wows “Dancing With the Stars” Judges with Super Sexy Argentine Tango

Forget Disney week, this week on “Dancing With the Stars” is all about the movies– but, not Disney movies– other genres of movies. For Nikki Bella and partner Artem Chigvintsev it’s all about “foreign films,” which is probably only a movie category to John Cena and your dad, but whatever. Nikki and Artem are tasked … Read more

Nikki Bella Has Best Night as ‘Aunt Coco’ During “Dancing With the Stars”

ABC’s “Dancing With the Stars” is all about synergy– within the Disney/ABC family, that is. Dancing to the Benjamin Bratt sung tune, “Remember Me” from the soon-to-be-released Disney/Pixar movie, “Coco,” Nikki Bella had her best night (so far) on the dance floor and looked more at home than ever. It seemed like each of the … Read more

Nikki Bella’s Most Memorable Year Dance During “Dancing With the Stars” Might Make You Tear Up A Little

In 2016 Nikki Bella found out that she had a possible career-ending neck injury. She was on top of the world inside the WWE, but something was wrong. Nikki told “Dancing With the Stars,” “I started to notice that my feet would go numb and that’s when I knew– oh my gosh, something’s wrong with … Read more

Nikki Bella Body Slammed Her Partner on the “Dancing With The Stars” Premiere Because She Can

The new season of “Dancing With The Stars” is here, and naturally there were lots of awkward, impressive, and straight up uncomfortable moments during the premiere episode (thanks, Barbara). WWE superstar Nikki Bella partnered up with Artem Chigvintsev to dance the Tango to “So What” by P!nk, earning a 20/30 from the judges. In their … Read more

The Contestants of “Dancing With The Stars” Season 25 Have Been Announced

The complete list of contestants for the 25th season of “Dancing With The Stars” has been announced including athletes, musicians, actors, and YouTube stars. Our speculation was way off. In my defense, I was going to guess Terrell Owens but thought he had already been on the show. Oh well. “Dancing With The Stars” Season … Read more

John Cena’s Best Advice For Making Relationships Grow And Last

John Cena is a well known wrestler and inspirational figure who encourages his fans to never give up, no matter the circumstance. If anything in life requires work it’s our relationships. Whether dating, engaged or married, we know that love doesn’t just happen. It takes effort, selflessness, and time. So why not hear out the … Read more

8 Most Interesting Looks from the #ESPYs

The 2017 ESPY Awards served as a gathering spot for the world’s greatest athletes and some of their super fans. The 25th annual event, as of late, serves as a chance for athletes to really show off their creative, fashionable sides. And the red carpet was an interesting sight to see. 8 Most Interesting Looks … Read more

Nikki Bella Wants to Be a Classy Bride, Instead of a Sexy Bride

It took WWE Superstars Nikki Bella and John Cena a few years to get here, but now that they’re engaged they want to throw the “most fun wedding ever.” Nikki sat down with “E! News” to discuss details for the big day from what kind of food they want (meat, veggies and fish), to the … Read more