Old Navy’s Insane Black Friday Sock Sale Was So Successful, They’re Donating $1 Million to Boys and Girls Clubs

Remember that crazy, cozy $1 Black Friday sale I mentioned Old Navy was having? According to a press release provided by the company, Old Navy is now donating $1 million to Boys and Girls Clubs after selling 2 million pairs of their fuzzy socks on Black Friday– “enough to line the entire coastline of California.” … Read more

Old Navy’s Best Black Friday Deal Costs $1, And It’s The Coziest Deal Ever

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not a huge Black Friday person. In fact, I’ve never ventured out into the crowds on Black Friday, simply because there’s nothing in this world that I need badly enough to stand in long lines with lunatic shoppers who would do literally ANYTHING to me in order … Read more