Ellen FaceTimes Oprah During Her Show About Mudslides in California: ‘It’s As Devastating As It Could Be’

After the deadly mudslides in Southern California, many celebrities who were directly affected and impacted spoke out about the devastation. Ellen DeGeneres and Oprah Winfrey are both residents of Montecito, California, the town that was most directly impacted by the mudslides. During her show yesterday, Ellen decided to FaceTime with Oprah to get an update … Read more

Reese Witherspoon Did an Oprah of Impression of Oprah Winfrey and It Was Great, Not Good

Just after introducing Oprah Winfrey as the Cecil B. de Mille Lifetime Achievement Award winner, Reese Witherspoon took home the Golden Globe for Best Miniseries or Television Film for producing “Big Little Lies.” While Reese was backstage with the rest of the cast discussing the win a reporter asked her if she had an Oprah … Read more

Oprah’s Golden Globes Speech Has Everyone Convinced She’s Running for President

When Seth Meyers opened the 75th Annual Golden Globes, part of his monologue was to introduce the nominees and give a brief rundown of who was in the room. One of his best jokes came when he said, “Oprah Winfrey is receiving the Cecil B. de Mille Award tonight… what a tremendous honor for Cecil … Read more

8 Times Martha Stewart Was Hilariously Condescending to Celebrity Guests on Her Show

In case you have never had cable, don’t own any scissors or have never tried to do a craft project, you should know that Martha Stewart is mostly responsible for the DIY/home decor/farm-to-table/fancy ingredients renaissance that has been sweeping across America since the early 2000s. Martha has been on our TVs and running her own … Read more

Jennifer Lawrence Says the Best Advice She’s Ever Received Was Actually Something Oprah Just Mumbled Under Her Breath

Jennifer Lawrence is an Oscar-winning actress, who is leading the charge for leveling the playing field for women in Hollywood, but she’s also pretty funny and down-to-earth, thanks to her Kentucky upbringing. These days, she’s as far from Kentucky as you can get, evidenced by the fact that her most recent interview in the Hollywood … Read more

Oprah Recently Told Ellen She Went to the Bank to Deposit $2 Million for Fun and It Was The First Time She Had Been to the Bank Since 1988

Ellen DeGeneres and Oprah Winfrey are at it again. If you recall last week for “The Ellen DeGeneres Show,” Ellen took Oprah shopping at a local grocery store and the results were hilarious. Well, the comedic duo is back. While Oprah was visiting Ellen, they took time to play a round of burning questions for … Read more

Seating Chart and Guide to Almost Every Celebrity Working the Phones During ‘Hand In Hand: A Benefit For Hurricane Relief’

Aside from raising millions of dollars for Hurricane Harvey and Irma victims, Hand In Hand: A Benefit for Hurricane Relief featured celebrities from across the nation (and a couple of Canadians). Some, put on masterful performances, some told victim stories and others worked the phones taking donations from viewers. The seating arrangements had to have … Read more

’90s Hitmaker Ty Herndon to Appear on Oprah’s “Where Are They Now?”

In the 90s, Ty Herndon entered the hearts of country fans everywhere with his three No. 1 singles and and four Top 10 hits. His debut single, “What Mattered Most,” will always be one of my favorite songs. Living in Nashville, Ty has stayed relevant and at the forefront of country music. Heck, I even … Read more

Definitive List of Donald Trump’s “Friends”

Politics aside, one of the most interesting things about Donald Trump’s campaign for President of the United States is how he talks about other people. When asked about a rival’s plans or policies, he usually just says if he thinks someone is nice or mean. If Trump is ever asked to clarify a statement he … Read more