Former “Bachelorette” Hannah Brown Apologizes for Racial Slur: ‘There Is No Excuse’

Hannah Brown apologizes for using racial slur

Former Bachelorette Hannah Brown is apologizing for a racial slur she muttered during a recent Instagram Live video. But it may be too late. The damage might already be done. On Sunday (May 17,) Brown headed to her Instagram Stories to express regret for saying the n-word while she was singing the lyrics of a … Read more

‘Bachelorette’ Rachel Lindsay Marries Bryan Abasolo During Weekend Ceremony

The Bachelorette Rachel Lindsay married Bryan Abasolo in weekend wedding

Yet another ‘Bachelorette’ has found true love. Rachel Lindsay and Bryan Abasolo tied the knot over the weekend after originally meeting on her season of The Bachelorette! [RELATED: “Bachelor” Star Ben Higgins Goes Up Against “Bachelorette” Rachel Lindsay in Amazing Lip Sync Battle] “Rachel was the epitome of elegance and grace as she walked down the … Read more

“Bachelor” Star Ben Higgins Goes Up Against “Bachelorette” Rachel Lindsay in Amazing Lip Sync Battle

Move over Jon Bon Jovi – you may have found some competition. In Thursday’s episode of the show “Lip Sync Battle,” none other than former ‘Bachelor” Ben Higgins threw on a wig and donned some leather for a performance of the Bon Jovi hit “You Give Love a Bad Name.” And on second thought Jon, … Read more

Peter Kraus Says He Was Fearful of Being “The Bachelor” and That There’s A Lot He’d Like to Say to Rachel Lindsay

Peter Kraus is not going to be on “The Bachelor” next season and that’s because he just isn’t ready. In a recent interview, his first since not proposing to Rachel Lindsay on “The Bachelorette,” Kraus shared a lot of information with “Entertainment Tonight,” maybe even too much– meaning, he seems very stable and self-aware. So, … Read more

Eric Bigger Says Rachel Lindsay’s Decision “Seemed Like a Rebound”

I’ve been watching “The Bachelor/ette” for a long time and I don’t think I’ve ever seen people so upset about the final outcome. Even the time the guy didn’t a pick a girl didn’t seem this bad. Things were so bad for Rachel Lindsay and Peter Kraus’ breakup that he said to her, “go find … Read more

No One Was More Upset About “The Bachelorette” Finale Than Mickey Guyton (You Have to Watch Her Live Reactions)

Mickey Guyton is a newlywed with a heart of gold. This is best evidenced in the fact that unlike the rest of us, she watched “The Bachelorette” finale thinking everything was going to end up okay and that everyone was going to find love. Mickey was “absolutely wrecked” and “devastated” to find out that “Peter … Read more

Peter Kraus Says Rachel Lindsay “Made The Right Decision,” But No One Else Thinks So

Peter Kraus won over a lot of doubters during his time on “The Bachelorette.” And he did it through being a rational, thoughtful human who decided that maybe proposing to a girl he’s only known a few weeks and seen a few times while she was also seeing other people wasn’t the world’s greatest idea. … Read more

Jimmy Kimmel Roasted “The Bachelorette” Finale and Said Everything You’re Thinking

Jimmy Kimmel may work for ABC and get paid to promote “The Bachelorette,” but his thoughts and feelings towards the finale match up with just about everyone who has ever watched the show. All season long, Peter, one of Rachel Lindsay’s final guys, said all season long he may not be ready to propose come … Read more

Dean Unglert, Kenny King and Other Contestants from “The Bachelorette” Don’t Believe Lee Garrett’s Apology Over Racists Tweets

Lee Garrett made quite a scene as a contestant on this season’s “The Bachelorette,” but his Twitter feed might have one-upped him. Throughout the season Garrett clashed with other contestants on the show, but especially with the men who have a different skin color than him. By the time the #MenTellAll came around, contestants were … Read more

13 Kind of Funny Tweets About “The Bachelorette” and #MenTellAll

During a normal season of “The Bachelor/ette,” the episode before the finale is the most over-hyped, recap of a dumpster fire, town hall debate (Wo)Men Tell All. This season was a dumpster fire, but in the good way. DeMario Jackson was there and he stood up a lot. Kenny and Josiah went all-in on Lee’s … Read more

12 Funniest/Most Interesting Tweets About Dean Being Sent Home on “The Bachelorette”

I’ve been watching “The Bachelor/ette” for a long, long time. In recent years, I’ve started paying less attention on Monday nights while I scroll Instagram and keep up with the drama. During the most recent episode of Rachel Lindsay’s season, I was all eyes and ears for Dean’s hometown visit to his dad’s house. His … Read more

Is This The Most Honest Moment Of This Season Of “The Bachelorette”?

One of the biggest hurdles of any “Bachelor” or “Bachelorette” season is the hometown visits. They change the way contestants are viewed and even lead to elimination. But what would you do if you didn’t want the Bachelor or Bachelorette to meet your family? Dean opened up to Rachel about his family, which he has … Read more