Taylor Swift Throws New Years Eve Bash with Pals Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively

Taylor Swift Ryan Reynolds Blake Lively New Years Eve party

Taylor Swift knows how to throw a party. While she may have skipped her annual Fourth of July blowout, the superstar made up for it with a New Year’s Eve bash. The catch? Partygoers had to dress up as their childhood heroes. Leave it to Taylor’s famous friends, including Blake Lively and Bella Hadid, to … Read more

Ryan Reynolds Talking About Watching “Frozen” With His Daughters is Every Dad

As the father of two, actor Ryan Reynolds knows first hand what it takes to keep the little ones happy. But even he admits that there are some things that he simply can’t take much more of, no matter how happy it makes his kiddies. “I have seen Frozen with my daughters so, so many times,” Reynolds … Read more

Jimmy Fallon Throws Up During Hilarious Game of “Drinko” With Ryan Reynolds

Boys will be boys, and sometimes boys don’t make the smartest of decisions. Take for example Jimmy Fallon, who on the Monday (Aug. 13) episode of his talk show, decided it would be a good idea to play a drinking game with guest and actor Ryan Reynolds. Sounds safe, right? Wrong. Because in this drinking … Read more

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds Went to a Taylor Swift Concert and Lost It When They Heard Their Daughter’s Voice on “Gorgeous”

Despite being major A-List celebrities, Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds are really down to earth, especially when it comes to parenting— they even rightfully lose their minds when their kids do something amazing. If you’ve listened to Taylor Swift’s Reputation album, you’ve likely heard the sweet little voice of Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds’ daughter, James, … Read more

Ryan Reynolds Said Daughter James Has An Ego Problem After Being Featured on a Taylor Swift Song

Ryan Reynolds is a big-time star married to another big-time star, but he doesn’t really want his two young daughters to go into show business. When asked about this on “Good Morning America,” Reynolds had a classic response. “A little intro there, yeah, um…That was a voice memo that ended up on a [Taylor Swift] … Read more

Blake Lively Said Ryan Reynolds Has An Alter Ego ‘Like What Chris Gaines Was to Garth Brooks, But Better’

We probably never would’ve pegged Blake Lively as a country music fan— and especially not a Garth Brooks fan— but, alas, here we are! During an interview on the red carpet at her husband Ryan Reynolds‘ “Deadpool” premiere, Blake was asked if Ryan is as funny at home as he seems. She (of course) said … Read more

Ryan Reynolds Wore A Unicorn Costume and Sang “Tomorrow” During a Korean Singing Competition

Last week, Hugh Jackman went on “Good Morning America” and told his BFF Ryan Reynolds that he was a little too thirsty for attention. He was, of course, discussing his total lack of shame while promoting “Deadpool 2” and we’re starting to see what Jackman means. While in Korea promoting the movie, Reynolds appeared on … Read more

Hugh Jackman Said Ryan Reynolds is Too Thirsty on National TV

It’s a complicated trolling history that dates back to before most of us were born, but Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds really can’t get enough of each other. Mostly, Ryan takes to Twitter to roast Hugh whenever he has any sort of opportunity. But, Hugh may have just won the war after a recent appearance … Read more

Ryan Reynolds Discusses Lifelong Struggle With Anxiety: “I’ve Been to the Depths”

It’s easy to look at Ryan Reynolds and assume he has it all. I mean, the guy is married to Blake Lively, has worldwide fame and recognition and has more fans than one could probably count. But, at the end of the day, he’s still human. “I have anxiety, I’ve always had anxiety,” Reynolds told … Read more

Ryan Reynolds is “Definitely Sad” About Blake Lively Unfollowing Him on Instagram

In a way that can only be described as “Swiftian” these days, Blake Lively scrubbed her Instagram account clean recently and even husband Ryan Reynolds got the boot. Lively’s move was done to promote her upcoming movie, “A Simple Favor,” but of course, Reynolds was pretty shocked to hear he didn’t make the cut. In … Read more

Jeff Daniels Wrote a Country Music Song Inspired By Ryan Reynolds and We’re Here For It

Jeff Daniels is a GRAMMY nomination away from a full EGOT of nominations, but thanks to everyone’s favorite muse, Ryan Reynolds, that nod might come sooner than later. During a recent appearance on “The Tonight Show,” Daniels told Jimmy Fallon about a run-in with Reyolds that gave him the ammo to write the tune, “How … Read more