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Two-Headed Rattlesnake Found in Arkansas

It sounds unbelievable or possibly photoshopped, but this two-headed rattlesnake is real (and still alive). The venomous Timber Rattlesnake was found and captured Wednesday, September 6, in Northeast Arkansas. A man by the name of Mark Young posted a picture of the snake on his Facebook page Wednesday, explaining that the snake was caught by … Read more

The Final Piece Of Taylor Swift’s Snake Has Been Revealed

Three days ago Taylor Swift began to reveal the image of what we now know is an angry digital snake. What this means for the singer is up for debate as she has not released any new music or hints at song titles. Some think she is reclaiming the word “snake” which was frequently thrown … Read more

News Station Staff Pulls A Giant Snake Out From Behind A Computer (Bye, Australia!)

“I’ll move to Australia,” said the college senior with no future plans. “I can find an hourly job and surf all day. I’ll play with koalas and never worry about anything.” Oh, dear sweet child, how foolish you are. Australia has come a long way since it was a British prison colony, but that land … Read more