Honda is Trying to Steal the Super Bowl Ad Race with Singing Sheep (Not Cute Puppies)

I don’t think a Super Bowl commercial has ever swayed me to buy a certain product though those Budweiser puppies almost made me switch from being a Miller Lite fan to Bud Light. But, I also studied advertising and marketing in school. I’m not super susceptible to most advertising. I mean, I love that Burger King … Read more

10 Reasons the Budweiser Puppy Commercials are The Best

As the Super Bowl nears, we can’t help but wonder if we’re going to see those cute little Budweiser puppies again. They are the cutest beer sellers around, after all. 10 Reasons the Budweiser Puppy Commercials are The Best: Reason No. 1: They use adorable puppies. Reasons No. 2-10: They use adorable puppies. But, in … Read more

Best Super Bowl Commercial Ever: “God Made a Farmer”

As the NFL Playoffs come to a close next week and we get one week closer to the 50th Super Bowl, it’s fun to look back on some of the best commercials to ever play during “the big game.” In 2013, Ram Trucks delivered its “God Made a Farmer” commercial with beautiful imagery taking our … Read more