7 Tailgating Recipes From Around the ACC

Though basketball may be king in the ACC, the crown prince is football. Football tailgates reign supreme in The South regardless of the school’s favorite sport, so here are some of the favorite tailgate recipes from around the ACC. 7 Tailgating Recipes From Around the ACC: 1. Carolina On My Mind BBQ   Ingredients: 1 … Read more

6 Tailgating Recipes from Around the SEC

Besides touchdowns and cheering, what is the most important thing about college game day? It’s the tailgating spread, of course. It doesn’t matter which team has your allegiance, keeping the food on theme is fun and exciting. Here are some of our favorite tailgate recipes to add to your Saturdays this fall. 1. UGA Red … Read more

DOs and DON’Ts: What to Wear to a Tailgate

Football season is here and that means your Saturdays are going to be filled with football, tailgating and of course, fashion. We understand that means a lot of different things to a lot of different people, but there are still a few guidelines every girl needs to follow when headed out the door to a … Read more

5 Best Tailgating Spots in College Football

There are more than enough to drop your tent poles on a Saturday morning before a college football game, but where are the best places? Where can you get a cold beer, a nice breeze and a hefty amount of tradition in before kickoff? 5 Best Tailgating Spots in College Football: and a couple underrated/overrated … Read more

Tailgating Recipes: Straight From the Quad

The words “Alabama” and “football” are synonymous. This powerhouse team boasts 15 National Championships since its first season in 1892.  Three of those National Championships were won in the last 5 years. Considering this, it’s no wonder people love tailgating before games at Bryant-Denny Stadium in Tuscaloosa. The best place to tailgate before a game … Read more

Tailgating Recipes: Straight from Death Valley

Tailgating at LSU is an experience entirely different than anywhere else in the SEC. You’re not going to find the typical tailgating menu of burgers, hotdogs, and BBQ. LSU fans prefer Cajun food like shrimp, boudin, and jambalaya as well as another Baton Rouge favorite, the “Sensation Salad,” which was once served at the famous … Read more

Tailgating Recipes: From the Hill

“Woo Pig Sooie!” is the most common phrase you’ll hear while tailgating on The Hill in Fayetteville, Arkansas. The University of Arkansas is my alma mater, and the Razorbacks are my team for life, for better or worse. We’re a friendly bunch down here (unless you are from Texas or LSU), and we like to have … Read more

Tailgating Recipes Straight from the Grove

Imagine 10 acres of tents decorated with chandeliers and flowers with women in cocktail dresses and men wearing slacks and button-down shirts with bow ties or ties and coats, but it’s not a wedding. It’s just game day in Oxford, Mississippi. There is a saying at Ole Miss, “We may not win every game, but … Read more

Tailgate Recipes: Morning Edition

It’s football season and the living is right. Headed to an early morning tailgate for one of those brutal 11:21 kickoff times? We’ve compiled the best tailgate recipes for those early gamedays. These treats are sure to please and provide some nutrition (carbs) for the day. Remember– never show up empty-handed to a tailgate. Plus, … Read more

Southern Girls’ Rules: Tailgating

If there’s anything a true Southern girl knows, it’s that there are quite a bit of rules for one to follow. From how to address your second cousin’s third wife to what to wear to a funeral, to how to properly insult someone– there’s a Southern girl rule for everything. We’re here to help with … Read more