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Miley Cyrus Debuts New Tattoo During Emotional ‘VMA’ Performance (WATCH)

Miley Cyrus unveils new tattoo at VMA awards during performance

Just days after her husband Liam Hemsworth filed for divorce, Miley Cyrus stepped on the MTV Video Music Awards stage with a new song, a new attitude and a new tattoo. [RELATED: Miley Cyrus Defends Herself Against Claims of Infidelity— “I Have Nothing to Hide”] According to PEOPLE, the new tattoo could be seen directly … Read more

Kane Brown Gets New Tattoo For Wife Katelyn Jae

In case you missed it, country music singer and songwriter Kane Brown got married to the love of his life, Katelyn Jae, on Friday, October 12 in Franklin, Tennessee. According to People, the two were wed at Mint Springs Farm, surrounded by 200 of their closest friends and family members. “We wanted something here in Nashville … Read more

Lindsay Ell Shows Off Her First Tattoo

Lindsay Ell tattoo instagram photo

Lindsay Ell has joined the tattoo club. The “Criminal” singer recently got her first ink and shares the story behind her decision in a heartfelt post on Instagram. “Call it a lifeline,” she captions an image of freshly inked skin showing two arrows. “A story. A legend. Pointed towards my heart, pushed forward by my … Read more

Tyler Farr’s New Bear Scar Tattoo Elicits Criticism…But He Doesn’t Care

Tyler Farr Bear Scar tattoo

It’s hard to remember a time when tattoos were considered taboo and only adorned soldiers or bikers. In country music, it’s pretty uncommon to find someone who doesn’t have ink, and social media often becomes the showcase for artists to show off their new art. And with that, of course, comes all types of support…and … Read more

Mandy Moore Got a Tattoo to Commemorate Her Kilimanjaro Hike and It’s Gorgeous

Mandy Moore New tattoo meaning

Maybe it’s because we can only imagine Rebecca Pearson when we see her, but Mandy Moore doesn’t exactly come across as a tattoo, inked up kind of gal, but she just got a new tattoo that we can’t get enough of– and the meaning behind it makes it even more special. During her break from … Read more

Justin Bieber Loves Art, So He Spent 100 Hours Covering His Entire Frontside With Tattoos

A couple of months ago the Internet was abuzz with the reveal of Justin Bieber’s full torso tattoo. At the time, after many hours of comparing pictures I discovered that the Biebs had a bear, a lion, a cross, an eagle and the words “son of God”and “purpose,” as well as a sun, a creepy … Read more

You Will Not Believe This Fan’s Kacey Musgraves Tattoo Until You See It

Kacey Musgraves is really having the time of her life in the UK right now and one example of that is a tattoo on a fan’s leg. And this just isn’t any tattoo, this is like a tattoo. A fan tweeted a photo of the tattoo saying, “Been jumping with excitement waiting to see @KaceyMusgraves … Read more

This Woman Got Pink’s Face Tattooed On Her Arm and Got To Show It To Her In Person

There are a lot of celebrities I would fan girl over if I got the chance to meet them in person, but none that I would want to get tattooed on my body. Though a tattoo of Joanna Gaines‘ face would be interesting… Last year, one of Pink’s fans in London was given a shoutout … Read more

Las Vegas Survivors Are Posting Pictures of Their Memorial Tattoos And They Are Incredible

Over the past week, the country music industry and it’s fans have struggled to find answers to how we move forward and heal after the violence at the Route 91 Harvest Music Festival. For those who were there, they can never fully move past what happened. Some lost loved ones, others will carry wounds the … Read more

Brantley Gilbert Shares Bible Verse and New Tattoos

It’s no secret that Brantley Gilbert likes ink. The Georgia native has never been shy about his support for the 2nd Amendment of the United States Constitution (the right to bear arms) which is fixed on his back. Now, Brantley is sharing what appears to be some new work. “Praise the Lord who is my … Read more

RaeLynn Fibbed to Her Husband About Getting Her New Tattoo

Earlier this year, RaeLynn spent months barely communicating with her husband, Josh, while he was in basic training. So we can’t really blame her for not telling him she got a new tattoo. I sat down with RaeLynn recently to talk about her new single “Lonely Call” and I asked about the new ink she’s … Read more

The Real Controversy With ’13 Reasons Why’ Is How Many High School Students Have Tattoos

There’s been a lot of debate about Netflix’s new series, 13 Reasons Why, in which a teenage girl chronicles the reasons that led to her suicide. The obvious argument is whether or not this glorifies taking our own life, but as I watched the 13-part show I was more confused by the number of high … Read more