#TeamAdam Takes “Shameless” To New Heights During Battle Rounds on “The Voice”

Let’s remember– “Shameless” was not a hit when Billy Joel released it in 1989. Well, not a huge hit. Not “Uptown Girl,” you know? The version everyone remembers and sings now is Garth Brooks’ rendition, originally released in 1991 off his Ropin’ The Wind album. To make things super interesting during the Battles on “The … Read more

Taylor Alexander Took Cher’s “Believe” and Turned It Into a Country Music Classic on “The Voice” (And Brought Adam Levine to Tears)

Before you watch Taylor Alexander wow Adam Levine beyond comprehension on “The Voice,” you have to see the original tune. Alexander took Cher’s 1998 dance-pop-electronic-auto-tuned hit and turned it into a full-fledged country music song. As Alexander was singing, Levine immediately recognized what was happening. The other coaches eventually figured it out– after Levine told … Read more