Taylor Alexander Took Cher’s “Believe” and Turned It Into a Country Music Classic on “The Voice” (And Brought Adam Levine to Tears)

Before you watch Taylor Alexander wow Adam Levine beyond comprehension on “The Voice,” you have to see the original tune. Alexander took Cher’s 1998 dance-pop-electronic-auto-tuned hit and turned it into a full-fledged country music song. As Alexander was singing, Levine immediately recognized what was happening. The other coaches eventually figured it out– after Levine told … Read more

Cam’s Performance of “Burning House” with Josh Gallagher on “The Voice” was Flawless

You could tell Cam wasn’t trying to steal the show during her duet performance with Josh Gallagher during the finale of “The Voice,” but– she’s Cam and she totally stole the show. Looking as fierce as ever in a sparkly, crocheted jumpsuit, Cam started off side stage during “Burning House,” but eventually made her way … Read more

Josh Gallagher Performs His Own Song “Any Small Town” During “The Voice” Finals

Josh Gallagher debuted his original tune, “Any Small Town” during the season 11 finals of “The Voice” and you have to say this for Gallagher— he knows what country fans want. Some may call this pandering, Gallagher and Adam Levine could just call it a smart move for a TV show competition. The lyrics were … Read more

Josh Gallagher Gets Instant Save on “The Voice” After Performance of “I Drive Your Truck”

No doubt about it, America loves a good country music song about America. Josh Gallagher, faced with elimination from season 11 of “The Voice” was forced to sing for his life and his song choice, Lee Brice’s “I Drive Your Truck” is likely what propelled him past Ali Caldwell and Christian Cuevas into finals. It’s … Read more

Billy Gilman Performs Masterful Version of Martina McBride’s “Anyway” During Top 10 Performances on “The Voice”

After dazzling the judges and “The Voice” audience with Adele and Queen covers, Billy Gilman got back to his country roots with an outstanding version of Martina McBride’s “Anyway.” The song, in a way, very much fits Gilman’s life and dreams– sometimes, things don’t work out as planned, but you have to go for it … Read more

Billy Gilman Delivers Another Stunning Adele Hit on “The Voice”

If Billy Gilman is trying to become the “Adele guy” on “The Voice,” he’s totally nailing it– which isn’t an easy thing to nail. Choosing to sing “All I Ask” from the massive 25, Gilman took his larger-than-life voice to a whole new level of vulnerability. At one point, it seemed as if he was … Read more

Billy Gilman Wows with “Fight Song” During Knockout Round on “The Voice”

Billy Gilman’s song choice for the knockout round on “The Voice” was kind of perfect. After starting off his career as a young child and getting nominated for two GRAMMYs, the country singer hasn’t had the best of luck career-wise lately. As Gilman sang Rachel Platten’s “Fight Song” he seemed to truly believe the words … Read more

Billy Gilman Moves on After Singing Michael Jackson Classic for #TeamAdam on “The Voice”

Billy Gilman has been there and done that, but the talented 28-year-old is pushing himself and his vocals to the limits for #TeamAdam and “The Voice” right now. Gilman, who had a monster hit on country radio in 2000, keeps noting that his voice changed during his teenage years, but from what we can tell– … Read more

Billy Gilman Told Blake Shelton He Was an Inspiration, But Goes with Adam Levine on “The Voice”

Billy Gilman has come a long way since his two GRAMMY nominations for his debut hit single, “One Voice.” After performing Adele’s “When We Were Young,” during the blind auditions on “The Voice,” Billy had all of the judges vying for him as a team member and at one point, he even said, “I have … Read more