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Valerie Harper’s Husband Tony Cacciotti Refuses to Put the Beloved Actress in Hospice Care

Valerie Harper update on health while battling cancer

It was 2009 when fans received news that the legendary actress Valerie Harper was battling lung cancer and then in 2013, it was revealed that she was also battling a rare brain cancer. And now, all of these years later, those concurrent battles continue. And the decisions regarding her healthcare are getting more and more … Read more

‘The Office’ Alum Ellie Kemper Reveals She is Pregnant With Second Child

Ellie Kemper is pregnant with her second child

In true Ellie Kemper fashion, the actress who made a name for herself on The Office didn’t necessarily proclaim that she was pregnant last week. But she definitely teased it. In fact, pregnancy rumbles began back on Friday (May 31,) when her stylist shared an Instagram picture of the now Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt actress and … Read more

Jenna Fischer Set the Record Straight On where Pam From “The Office” Would Be Today

We can’t ever know what happens to our favorite TV characters once the show goes away because, well, they don’t exist. But when you become as attached as we all did to the characters from “The Office”, it’s hard not to wonder what happened in later years. Jenna Fischer has often speculated as to what … Read more

The Official 2017-2018 Winter Storm Name List Just Released And Immediatly Got Roasted

Storms are not a joking matter, I know that. But the National Weather Service just released their list of winter storm names and the everyone from soccer moms to fans of ”The Office” is having fun with it. Fans of “The Office” had a good time with winter storm Toby Poor Toby

Jenna Fischer (aka Pam Halpert from “The Office”) Returned to Chili’s and My Life Is Made

If you’re a fan of “The Office,” you’ll remember that Jenna Fischer, aka Pam Halpert, was banned from Chili’s for sneaking drinks and getting drunk during the Dundies in season two. It was honestly one of the best moments of any of the nine seasons. NBC Well yesterday, Jenna posted a picture of herself in … Read more

19 Moments From “The Office” That’ll Make You Say, “Yeah, I’ve Been There”

“The Office” is undoubtedly one of the best shows TV has ever gifted us. Not only is it laugh-out-loud funny and insanely witty, but it presents situations that literally anyone and everyone can relate to. Whether at home, at work, at school or just within your group of friends, the employees of Dunder Mifflin encounter … Read more

7 TV Characters We Wish Could Run for Office

It’s that time of year…every single commercial on land, air or water is asking for your vote or telling why you shouldn’t vote for the other guy. At this point, no one wants to vote for anyone. But, what if we could convince some of our favorite television characters to run for office? 1. Tami … Read more