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Jennifer Lopez Gets Emotional Over Boyfriend Alex Rodriguez

At 49 years of age, Jennifer Lopez has seen her share of good times and bad times, accomplishments and challenges. But never has she seemed as in love as she is right now with former baseball player Alex Rodriguez. “He’s come into my life and really contributed in such a way,” Lopez says during an … Read more

Jimmy Fallon’s #DecorationFails Hashtag Will Put You in the Holiday Spirit

Every year as the holidays roll around, people go crazy trying to put together the perfect Christmas displays and Pinterest-worthy decor. But, sometimes, things don’t go quite as planned— and it ends up being hilarious. Ahead of the holidays, Jimmy Fallon asked fans to share their decoration fails using the hashtag #DecorationFails and the submissions did not … Read more

Jimmy Fallon Confesses to Failed Romance With Kate Hudson [WATCH]

Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon always looks like he is having quite a good time playing games with his guests. But sometimes, he finds himself in the hot seat. As he was playing the game “Loaded Questions” with actress Margot Robbie, he was asked, “Do you have a co-star you thought you could have dated … Read more

Tim Allen Says the End of “Toy Story 4” is Going to Be Emotional

Toy Story 4 doesn’t open in theatres till next summer, but actor Tim Allen is already sharing some sweet secrets about the much-anticipated movie during an appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. Allen, who plays the role of Buzz Lightyear, admits to Fallon that the movie is quite emotional, especially the final scene … Read more

Steve Irwin’s Son Robert Hilariously Returns to “The Tonight Show” [WATCH]

Steve Irwin’s son, Robert Irwin, is basically a spitting image of his late father— including his fearlessness towards wildlife. Earlier this year, Robert appeared on “The Tonight Show” where he showed Jimmy Fallon and Kevin Hart some incredible animals, which may or may not have scarred Kevin Hart for life. Now, he’s returned “The Tonight … Read more

Steve Carell Recalls the Moment He Found Himself in Front of Kelly Clarkson [WATCH]

Kelly Clarkson and actor Steve Carell have quite a history together, as the two have lived in pop culture history together for quite a while since the 2005 movie The 40-Year-Old Virgin. Yet, the two hadn’t met each other until earlier this year at the Golden Globes. “My wife and I saw her (at the … Read more

Jimmy Fallon Ate Olive Garden for the First Time Ever and It Was Hilarious

It’s rare to meet someone who hasn’t been blessed by the deliciousness that is Olive Garden— but apparently, Jimmy Fallon, the man who has seemingly done it all, had never actually eaten at an Olive Garden in his entire life…until now. Rapper and recording artist Post Malone took Jimmy Fallon to Olive Garden to show him … Read more

Shawn Mendes Joins Jimmy Fallon for Incredible Classroom Instruments Performance

Pop superstar Shawn Mendes showed up recently on the set of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon to perform his hit song “Treat You Better.” But this was no ordinary performance. Instead, Mendes joined Fallon and the talented band The Roots to perform his iconic song on a slew of classroom instruments such as a … Read more

Bradley Cooper Makes Jimmy Fallon Walk Backstage Mid-Interview to Prove a Hilarious Point

Through the years, the comedic chemistry between actor Bradley Cooper and talk show host Jimmy Fallon has been fairly evident. And yes, it was on display again on Wednesday, as the two ended up walking off the set of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. Granted, it’s not what you might think. It all started … Read more

Shawn Mendes and Jimmy Fallon Hilariously Battle Over Justin Timberlake’s Friendship

Fans have long known the close friendship between talk show host Jimmy Fallon and music superstar Justin Timberlake. But now, it looks like there might be another guy to enter into the mix. That guy is Shawn Mendes. On Thursday’s (Sept. 27) episode of “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon,” the “In My Blood” hit … Read more

“This Is Us” Star Justin Hartley Once Had a Gun Pulled On Him While Dog-Sitting

As a star on the fictional show “This Is Us,” Justin Hartley never quite knows what situations he will find himself in on a weekly basis. But from the sounds of it, his real life has had its share of crazy and unexpected moments too. During a recent appearance on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy … Read more

Mandy Moore Faces Off Against Jimmy Fallon For Hilarious Singing Whisper Challenge

One day before the season premiere of her tear-jerking drama “This Is Us,” actress Mandy Moore headed to the set of “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” on Monday (Sept. 24) to do a little whispering. Yes, they decided to play “The Singing Whisper Challenge.” Swapping the wear of noise-canceling headphones, the two went back … Read more