Katy Perry Called Out Trevor Holmes’ Girlfriend During His “American Idol” Hollywood Performance and It Was Weird

Trevor Holmes’ original audition on “American Idol” has over 3 million views on YouTube and I don’t think it’s because he’s the next Justin Bieber. Trevor is the guy that Luke Bryan called a dreamboat and the guy that Katy Perry shamlessly flirted with and told, “only hot guys are typically named Trevor.” Trevor’s audition … Read more

Katy Perry Got Weird With Trevor Holmes During “American Idol” Audition

trevor holmes american idol

The second Trevor Holmes walked onto the set of “American Idol,” he became Katy Perry‘s one true love and maybe Luke Bryan’s too, as Luke was the first to exclaim, “good Lord, you’re a dream boat.” But, it was Katy that got pretty weird, pretty fast. After Trevor revealed that he wants to be a … Read more