Miranda Lambert Doesn’t Like Being Compared to Tomatoes

In the latest version of Country Aircheck Weekly, country music radio consultant Keith Hill, said if you want to have a successful radio station, you should play less females. In an interview with CMT, Hill had a few other concerning things to say. (Just taking my favorite quotes from the interview.) “My job is to … Read more

6 Things Jake Owen Finds Remarkable

If you aren’t following Jake Owen on Twitter, you’re missing out on hearing about the things he finds remarkable or interesting. Since the release of his heartfelt single, “What We Ain’t Got,” he seems to really be celebrating the simple things in life. 6 Things Jake Owen Finds Remarkable:   1. The Iowa State Fair … Read more

If Blake Shelton’s Tweets Were Motivational Posters

If you’re not following Blake Shelton on Twitter, it’s likely you’re not even on Twitter. If you just aren’t following him— you’re really missing out. Blake is wise beyond his 140 characters. So much so, that we made motivational posters out of some of his best tweets. Image Source: UnSplash, PR PHOTOS

Dolly Parton’s Greatest Tweets

A lot of writers are insightful and full of wisdom. And then, there’s Dolly Parton. She’s funny without being hurtful to others, wise without sounding old and brilliant. Just brilliant. Lately, some of Dolly’s greatest nuggets of wisdom have come in the form of less than 140 characters. Dolly Parton’s Greatest Tweets: No dream you … Read more

Your Favorite Stars Share Their Thoughts on #TheDress

#TheDress debate wages on and it has to be the finest example of the Internet, the Internet has ever seen. It all started with a poorly lit photograph of an off-the-rack dress and now, everyone, from ESPN analysts to Matt Lauer to Taylor Swift, is sharing an opinion on the color (or colors) of #TheDress. From this day … Read more

Roundup of New Year’s with Your Favorite Country Music Stars

If you were too busy partying (or sleeping) to keep up with all your favorites this week, here’s a roundup of what your favorite country music stars did over New Year’s eve! Dierks Bentley already broke his New Year’s resolution. That’s okay, Dierks. I don’t even make ’em. View this post on Instagram already broken … Read more

Blake Shelton’s Most Interesting Tweets (Lately)

If you’ve spent any amount of time on Twitter and you’re even remotely familiar with Blake Shelton, you know he tweets his own weird and wonderful thoughts. He’s not afraid to cuss or use a weird hashtag. He also makes a habit of being incredibly encouraging, but those tweets get overshadowed a lot. Here are … Read more

Best Tweet Ever? Charlie Daniels By a Tree

What’s better than the internet? Social media. Social media allows us to connect with celebrities and friends far away. And because of this, we got to see this photo this weekend: Charlie Daniels posing by a tree. Not sure what it was about this particular tree, but I don’t have to know. Hudson Valley Ny … Read more

Kelly Clarkson’s Hidden Talent and More Tweets You Missed

One of the coolest things about the internet (besides having the entire world at your fingertips) is its ability to connect people with one another. We can see our grandmother a million miles away, keep up with our high school english teacher’s daughter AND see what Kelly Clarkson is up to in her spare time. … Read more