7 Emotional Stages of Being a Bridesmaid

I have been involved in approximately 4,567 weddings. I have also attended around 7,657 weddings. I have helped pick out wedding music, reception food and everything in between. I have also been dealt my fair share of hardships in life. Throughout all of my grief and all of my wedding obligations, I’ve come to notice there … Read more

Haley & Michaels Debut Special Wedding Song

Haley & Michaels, the fiercely talented duo behind “One More Night to Break,” happen to be very much in love and getting married. The 2013 Nashville Independent Music Artist(s) of the Year debuted their latest song, “Giving It All To You” on SiriusXM The Highway, as a bit of wedding preparation. “We got snowed in during an ice … Read more

Adam Levine and Maroon 5 Showed Up at Some Weddings

For Adam Levine and Maroon 5’s newest music video, the group teamed up with “Wedding Crashers” director David Dobkin to surprise some brides and grooms at real weddings. Each couple with surprised with a performance of the new single, “Sugar.” At the start of the video, Levine explains, “We’re gonna drive across LA and hit … Read more

Share Your Country Wedding on Country Outfitter Style!

Would you like to share your beautiful country wedding photos with the world? We’re looking for the best country weddings to feature on Country Weddings section of Country Outfitter Style. We’re excited to see your pictures and know you’ll inspire millions of people who, like us, love all things country! Ready to share? Here’s how:  … Read more

What Do Your Wedding Flowers Say About You?

Choosing just the right flowers for your wedding can be challenging. Brides find themselves calculating the costs or trying to decide which flowers best fit the overall theme of the wedding. Throughout history brides have also chosen flowers based on the flowers’ traditional meanings, and though most brides don’t take the time to worry about … Read more

6 Tips for Getting Your Ring Bearer and Flower Girl Down the Aisle

Getting your ring bearer and/or flower girl to walk down the aisle can be a challenge. Many times their walk down the aisle ends in tears. So the question is: how do you avoid this kind of scenario? First, let’s remember that kids are just little people. You can’t make a person do something that … Read more

Southern Wedding Traditions: The Groom’s Cake

In the South, you know we love us some tradition. And one tradition we particularly love is the the groom’s cake. Few people know the groom’s cake actually originated in the South. Traditionally, the groom’s family would prepare small fruitcakes, package them nicely and give to guests as tokens of appreciation. We don’t know about … Read more

Country Wedding Ideas: Bachelor Parties for Country Boys

One of the great things about country men and cowboys is that they’d rather be outdoors than anywhere else. So why not carry that theme into the bachelor party and celebrate your upcoming nuptials in the great outdoors? After all, the bachelor party originated with the Spartans when they would celebrate the groom’s last night … Read more