How to Defrost Your Car Windows in Mere Seconds

A frosty car window is one of the most unfortunate and annoying parts of the winter season. Especially if you leave your car outside overnight. Defrosting or scraping your frosty windows and windshield can add minutes to your morning that you typically don’t have. Thankfully, Meteorologist Ken Weathers (his name is literally Weathers) from Tennessee has … Read more

What To Wear to a Winter Country Music Concert

Nothing transports you to a carefree summer day like a great country song… but the cold hard truth is that it’s January. Unfortunately, cutoffs just aren’t going to cut it. We’ve put together a cozy winter country concert outfit that’s just as fun. So, whether you’re headed to Luke Bryan’s big-time Kill the Lights show … Read more

How to Make Insanely Delicious Mulled Wine

What’s your go-to winter time drink? Essentially, what pairs well with frigid temperatures and days that are dark by 4:45 pm in the afternoon? It’s easy to rattle off summertime cocktails, but wintertime cocktails seem to be a little more challenging. Hot toddies and Irish coffees are great and all, but this mulled wine recipe … Read more

4 Dresses That Will Transform Your Bland Winter Wardrobe

Winter style is all about layering and one of my favorite looks for the chilly weather is dresses paired with tights. Not only is this look incredibly comfortable, it’s stylish and makes you look extremely cute and put together without much effort — win, win, win. There are four basic dress styles that will completely transform your … Read more

7 Ways to Annihilate Staticky Winter Hair

Winter is a great season. It allows you to play around with fun layered styles, it gives you more reasons to drink creamy hot chocolate and mosquitoes (demons) have retreated from the cold weather. But, there is one massive thing about winter that I hate — staticky, clingy, flat hair. There’s nothing worse than spending … Read more

3 Pairs of Boots That Will Put Some Pep in Your Step This Winter

Wintertime is one of my favorite times of year to experiment with fashion and reevaluate my wardrobe. With the chilly weather and gloomy days, layering, color and, most importantly, new boot trends become important when putting together the perfect winter look. In order to avoid looking sloppy and under-dressed in the winter (I really only ever … Read more

How to Make Spiked Mexican-Style Hot Chocolate in a Marshmallow Shot Glass

There’s a lot of hot chocolate recipes floating around this time of year. Spiked hot chocolate, peppermint hot chocolate, dark chocolate hot chocolate — they’re all getting pretty repetitive. But, have you ever heard of a toasted marshmallow shot glass? Probably not. No worries though, we’re here to save the day with the perfectly delicious and … Read more

Seasonal Scents: DIY Organic Winter Potpourri

There’s nothing better than entering a home and immediately being enveloped with a sweet aroma. You may have found, though, that scented seasonal candles can be a major hit-and-miss and while they are a girl’s best friend, candles can get really expensive. Ain’t nobody got time to budget for candles and Christmas and sweater weather. If … Read more

5 Warm and Cozy Winter Cocktail Recipes

The Christmas season is finally upon us and the weather is turning cold. There are tons of holiday parties to attend and everyone knows that the best type of drinking is Christmas drinking. Long gone are the summer-beer mixes and the frozen margaritas, and it’s quite popular to have a warm cocktail option at your … Read more