10 Times Luke Bryan Got “Slicked Up” Like a “Classy Looking Cat”

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There are a lot of reasons to love Luke Bryan— his voice, that 100-watt smile, his dance moves. He is also a family man who hasn’t let tragedy affect his outlook on life. But, really, we love Luke because at his core he is still a good ol’ country boy from Georgia just living out his dreams.

Luke loves hunting and fishing but doesn’t mind get dressed up either. Actually, Luke loves “getting slicked up” and we love that he loves it.


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10 Times Luke Bryan Got “Slicked Up” Like a “Classy Looking Cat”:


1. The time Luke won CMA Entertainer of the Year and smiled for 3 months straight.


2. The time Luke was a little more casual and summer-y at the Billboard Music Awards.


3. One of the first time’s Luke hit the red carpet in a simple suit and pink tie.


4. The time Luke wore his sunglasses on the red carpet because his future was so bright.


5. The time Luke looked really good next to his wife, Caroline.


6. The time the only thing bigger than Luke’s smile was his bowtie.


7. The time he wore a suit he may have already worn, but looked just as good as the first time.


8. The time a stylist told Luke to wear a black denim jacket as formal wear, but his hair looked so good nobody noticed.


9. The time Luke was glowing from Caroline’s pregnancy glow.


10. The time Luke was so casual someone actually told him, “you’re one classy looking cat.”


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Image Source: CMA, PR Photos