12 Country Music Song Titles We Will Probably See/Hear in 2016

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Not too long ago I wrote about a few country music song titles that just really lacked eloquence. Songs titles like, “Gonna” and “Don’t It.” Nothing wrong with the songs, just lacking in their titles.

This got to me to thinking– what songs are going to be hot in 2016? Will the titles be a little deeper, a little more meaningful? Probably not. So, here’s what I see coming down the line for country music song titles in 2016.

12 Country Music Song Titles We Will Probably See/Hear in 2016:

1. “Honky Twerk”

After “Honky Tonk Badonkadonk” and country music’s obsession with R&B, I’m not sure how this hasn’t happened. Thomas Rhett’s “Southside” is pretty close to what “Honky Twerk” should sound like that.


2. “Nailed It”

If Kelsea Ballerini’s “Dibs” keeps climbing its way up the charts look for someone else to release a tune about all the things they called dibs on themselves.


3. “The Ballad of Chris Stapleton

Oh, you know it’s coming. Someone in Nashville is working on this hit tune right now. If the songwriter is able to mention Stapleton’s cousins in Kentucky*, just how long his beard is and rhyme something about Stapleton with Jeremiah Johnson Bruno Mars will perform the song at half-time of the NBA All-Star game.

*During one of Stapleton’s CMA Awards acceptance speeches he sweetly and humbly said, “I guess I gotta thank all my cousins in Kentucky.”


4. “Family Car”

If country music is shifting away from songs about trucks, beer and field parties, look for a single about upgrading to a family car sooner than later. Think Kip Moore’s “Somethin’ ‘Bout a Truck,” but…

Somethin ’bout a car with a big ole trunk,

A ton of space,  for all my kids. 

Everybody’s got a cup holder, that sealed the deal. 

Somethin ’bout a car sittin’ in my garage. 


5. “The Man Who Was a Boy”

Jana Kramer’s hit, “I Got The Boy” has been a slow burn up the charts, but there’s someone, somewhere working on an answer song.

6. “Sand”

“Dirt” worked for Florida Georgia Line, so you know there’s a possibility someone could try to pen a song much like it, but more about sand.


7. “Bought My Dad a Boat”

The tale of a man who made it big and didn’t buy a boat for himself, but for his hard-working, blue collar dad.


8. “Drake”

Eric Church has “Springsteen” and Taylor Swift had “Tim McGraw,” so someone penning a tune in recognition of Drake’s tireless efforts to advance country music is coming sooner than you think.


9. “Jolene’s Sister”

If we’re getting back to the roots of country music in 2016, let’s dig a little deeper into Jolene‘s family life.


10. “Gluten-Free”

If you don’t have a food allergy, do you even exist? It’s time a country music star capitalizes on the food craze still sweeping the nation.


11. “The Wall”

Donald Trump is going to pay someone in Nashville to write a song about the wall he wants between on the U.S./Mexico border. This will probably come out before the end of the year.


12. “Cordially Invited”

If bro country is growing up, their parties will follow. We’re all cordially invited to new music!

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