12 Road Trip Stops with George Strait

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George Strait loves country music and singing about geographic locations. With 60 No. 1 hits to his name, there’s no question why he’s called the King of Country Music, but we could also start calling him the King of Country Music Road Trips. Even casual George Strait fans know most of his songs are about Texas and another large group mention other various locations through the United States and Mexico. By rough calculations, 13 percent of the King’s songs are about or mention a specific town, state or country.

So, if George Strait were going to road trip through his songs, where would he go?

1. Amarillo, Texas

The trip definitely starts in Amarillo, probably in the morning. Before leaving town, swing by the Big Texan Steak House and try to eat the 72 oz. steak.

Happy Friday! Who is ready to get the weekend started with a big steak from the #BigTexan ?

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2. Arizona

After Amarillo you’ll need to check on your “Ocean Front Property” out in Arizona. You can swing by the Grand Canyon on the way.

3. Marina Del Ray, California

You have to say goodbye in Marina Del Ray. Just get to the hidden beach and get out of there.

4. Las Vegas

It only makes sense to check out Sin City after “Marina Del Ray.” You’ll be able to check out “Them Cowgirls,” for sure.

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5. Steamboat Springs, Colorado

After a party weekend in Vegas, everyone will need a relaxing break in the mountains, so you can do some ridin’ colts in Steamboat Springs.

6. Yellowstone

Yes, you “Can Still Make Cheyenne” on your way into Yellowstone.

Splendor in the sky over Lamar Valley. #yellowstone #ynp #LamarValley #sunset

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7.  The Heartland

No road trip is complete without a swing through “The Heartland.” You’ll know you are there when you hear twin fiddles and a steel guitar.

8. Music Row

When you’re passing through “The Heartland” and thinking about Tulsa you’ll be meet up with Historic Route 66 and present day Interstate 40. Head east on I-40 until you hit Nashville. Check out the Grand Ole Opry, the Ryman and eat some hot fried chicken before you investigate that “Murder on Music Row.”

9. Louisiana Way

You will miss all my old Chicago friends, but it’s time to head “Down Louisiana Way” on your way to George’s beloved Texas. If possible, ask “Arkansas Dave” to meet up with you along the way.

10. Dallas

You won’t be there long, because you just need to leave Dallas in the dust, on your way to “Cow Town.”

11. Fort Worth

Fort Worth definitely crosses your mind because it’s the perfect blend of big city meets small town. Fort Worth is full of modern-day amenities while being firmly planted in its historical roots. You can visit the Fort Worth Stockyards, one of the many art museums or just eat some really good food.


12. San Antonio

The trip concludes by taking a moment to “Remember The Alamo” at George’s “Home in San Antone.”

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