5 Country Music Hotties That Could Be the Next "Bachelor"

5 Country Music Hotties That Could Be the Next “Bachelor”

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As the most recent season of “The Bachelorette” ended in a proposal, it’s time for the Internet to start speculating on who the next “Bachelor” could and should be. There are more than enough eligible guys in country music, but only a few who would make for great TV.

5 Country Music Hotties That Could Be the Next “Bachelor”:

1. Brett Eldredge

This is a no-brainer. He’s got the looks, the charm and the wardrobe. Plus, Eldredge has a new album dropping in September, so the timing could be perfect for his record label, too. Instead of handing out roses, Eldredge could hand out salads he stole from Thomas Rhett at the end of each episode.


More: Eldredge is already great at hanging out on boats, so that isn’t a worry. 

Now this is how I like to prepare for the show tonight!!!!

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2. Sam Hunt

Middle-aged women would even apply to be on the show if Hunt was involved. Hunt has mass crossover appeal and this show needs a new vibe– let’s give them Hunt– a Southern charmer with a not-so-subtle taste in fashion. Plus, Hunt’s lyrical stylings make his woo-factor very high.

More: Taylor Swift passed him over, it’s time for every other woman in the world to have their shot. 


Had a ball in Chicago with Taylor Swift

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3. Cole Swindell

Instead of Swindell’s season taking place in Malibu, it could take place on a farm somewhere. Ladies vying for Cole’s attention would have to win him over by only using products made in Georgia.

More: Cole just got a new car– and it has plenty of room for car seats. He’s ready to settle down.



4. Blake Shelton

Yes, this one hurts. But, you know Shelton could take this TV show to a whole new level. Anybody who could match him drink-for-drink wins. Instead of his family coming on the show to vet the ladies, Shelton’s fellow coaches on “The Voice” could serve as gatekeepers.

More: Shelton can’t be left alone.

5. Kip Moore

After a summer of partying with Dierks Bentley, Moore could throw one hell of an affair in that Malibu mansion. Instead of saying, “do you accept this rose,” Moore would say, “Hey, pretty girl…this feels so right.”

More: Moore doesn’t give a shit, so you know he’d be in it for the right reasons


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