6 Uniquely Talented Country Music Stars (Illustrated Through Venn Diagrams)

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A Venn Diagram is the prettiest thing to ever happen in math class and a great way to showcase unique talent. Typically, a Venn Diagram is an illustration of the relationships between and among sets, groups of objects that share something in common.

6 Uniquely Talented Country Music Stars (Illustrated Through Venn Diagrams):

1. Intersection Relation: Checotah, Oklahoma — People with GRAMMYs

Carrie Underwood hails from the small town of Checotah, Oklahoma that less than 4,000 people call home. It’s presumed that she shares a few things in common with her hometown folks, but what are the odds that a town like Checotah could produce such a rare talent?

2. Intersection Relation: Lady Antebellum — Solo Projects

Charles Kelley is venturing out of his comfort zone and pursuing a solo project. His Lady Antebellum bandmates have given Charles their blessing.

3. Intersection Relation: Country Music Singers –Former College Quarterbacks

Sam Hunt isn’t just a hit singer-songwriter, he’s also a gifted athlete. Oh, can’t make it in the NFL, I’ll just be a country music star. Isn’t that a conversation we all have with ourselves?

4. Intersection Relation: Recorded with Tim McGraw — Recorded with Florida Georgia Line

Lots of country music singers have shared the stage with Tim McGraw and Florida Georgia Line, but only Nelly can say he’s recorded a No. 1 song with both of the country music acts.

5. Intersection Relation: Great Hair — People on TV

Yes, it’s hard to find someone on television who doesn’t have a great head of hair, but when compared to Connie Britton, there’s no comparison.

6. Intersection Relation: Toured with Katy Perry — Toured with Willie Nelson

Opening for Willie Nelson is no joke. It can make or break your career. And opening for Katy Perry is a whole different box of glitter, so only a uniquely talented individual like Kacey Musgraves can say they have opened for both. 


Image Source: CMA, UMG, PR Photos