8 Reasons You Should Get to Know Austin Webb

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Austin Webb is gearing up to make a run up the country music charts with his latest single, “All Country On You,” but that that’s not the only reason you need to get to familiar with the singer-songwriter from South Carolina.

1. He made Carrie Underwood a verb. 

Austin sings, “going all Carrie Underwood on my truck,” in his song “All Country On You,” which is the story of what could happen to a guy if a girl goes “all country” on him after a break-up or fight.

We’ve been trying to make Carrrie Underwood a verb for awhile, so we’re pretty into this.

2. He drinks Sprite and watches the Food Network.

This is a personal fave, because in the last 10 years of my life I’ve probably spent a solid third of it doing this exact same thing.


3. He’s multi-talented. 

He’s an all-around artist. And shows some real prowess on the court.


4. Austin brings as much energy to an acoustic set in a small room as he would to any show.

5. He’s encouraging.

We agree, you should be on your A-game everyday. Or at least try.


6. He’s into Luke Bryan, too.

Who isn’t, right? But, Austin likes him so much he wouldn’t mind being handcuffed to him.

7.  He’s a man’s man.

I woudn’t hold that alligator. Not many guys would.


8. He looks like this on stage. 

It’s like Dwight Yoakam and Eric Church put a denim jacket on Luke Bryan. (In other words– he’s easy on the eyes.)

Image Source: CMA