9 Hilarious Tweets From Brad Paisley During “The Voice”

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As the battle for funniest country music superstar wages on between Brad Paisley and Blake Shelton, Brad upped his game during his recent advising session on “The Voice.” Brad is #TeamBlake’s resident advisor for season nine of “The Voice” and during his debut on the show, he decided to do some live-tweeting.

9 Hilarious Tweets From Brad Paisley During “The Voice”:

1. I guess we always imagined there not being that many restrooms on set. 

2. But, together…

3. Please, let’s make this a thing. Hillbilly mentoring.

4. That’s pretty nervous for Brad.

5. Fatherly advice/Hillbilly mentoring at its finest. 

6. Right? Who wouldn’t? You’re just not that fortunate, son.

7. That is part of the job though.

8. We’ll work on getting a certificate made. 

9. Nailed it.

Image Source: Twitter