Brett Eldredge/Buddy the Elf Surprises Fans All Over Nashville

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Brett Eldredge is all about some karaoke. We’ve caught him in the act before and he was up to his old tricks in Nashville Saturday night, but this time he was dressed as Buddy the Elf from the hit movie, “Elf.”  Brett hit up Troubadors and jumped on stage to help a couple fans finish his song, you know– one he wrote and recorded. Then, made a pit stop at The Stage, where he joined the band and led the crowd in Christmas carols.

Only Brett Eldredge.

Or Buddy. Only Buddy the Elf.

Be careful when you choose a country song for karaoke in Nashville. The artist may be in the audience dressed as an elf. #bretteldredge. Gavin Vandergriff Bridget Aileen McCarthy

Posted by Russ Evers on Saturday, December 19, 2015

When Brett Eldredge shows up at your gig, leads the crowd in a Christmas song (and a few other of his own tunes),…

Posted by Chad Bearden on Sunday, December 20, 2015

Image Source: Instagram