Carrie Underwood Loves Halloween (Her Dogs Are Undecided)

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Carrie Underwood is fearless. And we aren’t just talking about the music she makes– this one girl who absolutely loves Halloween and everything that comes with it. As she prepares to to grace the cover of Parade Magazine this weekend, “Entertainment Tonight” went behind the scenes with the superstar to talk about her big-time love for Halloween.

Carrie also told Parade she’s never been a chick-flick sort of girl– she’s a total horror movie type of gal and absolutely loves decorating for Halloween. She also said she buys candy for trick-or-treaters and we want to know how to knock on that door! Can you imagine?


While shooting the cover of the magazine, Carrie also talked about what it was like to record her brand new album, Storyteller. Most notably, we learned about how she knows if a song is good or not– if it sounds good in the car, it sounds good everything.


Carrie is at radio now with her record-breaking single “Smoke Break,” the first single released from her fifth studio album, Storyteller, out worldwide now.

Image Source: YouTube