Chris Janson and Tim McGraw’s “Messin’ With Jesus” Duet

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Don’t let the title fool you– Chris Janson’s duet with Tim McGraw, “Messin’ With Jesus” (off his upcoming debut album, Buy Me a Boat) is one of redemption and praise. Not the type of praise you’d hear in church, exactly, but the Johnny Cash kind– the I know what’s right and I’m trying, but other stuff is just more fun sometimes type.

Janson co-wrote the song with his wife, Kelly and delivers the track cleverly. McGraw’s vocal harmonies are perfect and will likely remind listeners of his hit, “Real Good Man.”

With lyrics like, “I got a dark side but I try to live right / So I stay up late and I pray all night / ‘Cuz I ain’t messin’ with Jesus,” will resonate with listeners in more ways than one. And in a weird way it’ll likely make listeners wonder if they’re living right. There is definitely some underlying Sunday school going on.

Janson’s Buy Me A Boat hits retailers on October 30 and he’s slated to tour with Blake Shelton early next year.

Image Source: BMLG, Warner