10 At Home Workouts You Should Do Every Day For The Perfect Body

We get it. Working out is hard. Getting to the gym is even more difficult, and the process of getting ready and actually leaving your warm house for the gym might have already derailed some of your fitness plans for the new year. Fortunately, you don't have to leave your house, or pay expensive gym membership dues for a good body.

These 10 exercises can all be done with your own body weight or easy to find equipment, and you don't need a gym, a large space, or any workout equipment to do them. The best part? They'll work you from head to toe, and they don't cost a dime. Check them out and be well on your way to a great body in the new year.

10 Workouts You Should Do For The Perfect Body:

1. Lunges

Remember dreading these in gym class? You might have hated them, but nothing's better for building toned muscle in your quads. Whether you do these forward or backward, in place, or back and forth on your living room floor, your legs will be shaking by the time you're done with these. And let's face it, when aren't you stooping down to pick something up or clean something your kids made a mess of?

2. Squats

Much like lunges, squats are a biomechanically friendly candidate for building muscles. We squat all the time, whether we're trying to get that cell phone charger to stay still, or simply trying to figure out what's still in that vegetable bin in the fridge. Done correctly, squats can build your quads and glutes among other things. And who doesn't want a better butt?

3. Pull Ups

We would be remiss to ignore the classic pull up. These are perfect for building chest muscles, triceps, and other muscles involved in the pulling process. You might not have to pull yourself up much in your day to day life, but when you finally do have to, you'll be wishing you'd done more of these. Start knocking these out to get rid of those flabby wings.

4. Jumping Jacks

Jumping jacks certainly won't give you a bodybuilder's body, but they're important for waking up our sedentary bodies. Feet coddled by shoes and carpet need a bit of a jolt to get them going, and the plyometrics involved in jumping jacks can do just that. Plus, these can even be considered a form of cardio.

5. Glute Bridges

Summer will be here eventually, and who wants to be without a great butt? Work your way to one by doing glute bridges, focusing on bringing your belly button up to the ceiling. If you feel a burn in your buttocks, you're doing it right. These also work to strengthen your core, which will help you with almost every task imaginable.

6. Push Ups

Regardless of what form they take, push ups are some of the best exercises for our often neglected arms. Stronger arms mean easier groceries, fewer jars you can't open, and lighter kids. So let the push ups begin.

7. Stair Climbs

Always, always, always take the stairs. There's no excuse not to. Stairs can help to burn extra calories and will help your legs stay young and ready to move. Whether you take the stairs instead of the escalator at the shopping mall, or actually integrate these into your daily workout routine, these are great for building functional muscle.

8. Box Jumping

Pick a box or surface that requires a pretty big jump to get to, and go to town. The more explosive your jump, the better. This plyometric exercise will leave you hurting the next day, so be careful! Still, nothing's better for building up muscle in your legs.

9. Planks (Side and normal)

Planks were another dreaded gym exercise, but they're a great, low impact way to have the abs you've always dreamt of. Do them traditionally, or, for an added challenge, take away a foot or hand, or do them sideways.

10. Hanging Leg Raises

We've finally found a use for the swingset in the backyard. Whether you've got an over the door fitness bar or you really are relegated to using a swingset in the backyard, this exercise is pretty easy to understand, once you've got a surface to go from. Simply hang on to the bar, keeping your back straight, and bring your straight legs up to your chest. Easy to understand, but hard to pull off. This one is great for your abs, arms, and grip strength.


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