Write for One Country

Write for One Country

What we’re looking for: We are currently interested in pitches for how-to, inspiration, list posts, reaction pieces, and reviews in the 350-500 word range. If possible, please include 2-3 writing samples and links to your published work on other sites.

We do not encourage articles on spec—please send us clear pitches on specific topics. And pretty please with sugar and spice all over it, familiarize yourself with our editorial, and especially our lifestyle category before pitching. (Most of what we buy from freelancers fits into lifestyle.) Suggested areas of interest include (but are not limited to):

  • Country lifestyle
  • Entertainment commentary with a country / Southern focus or angle
  • Country music reviews, current or nostalgic
  • Seasonal fashion editorial that is not product specific, ie. Dos and Don’ts of Skinny Jeans
  • Season-green lifestyle: Holiday and seasonal with evergreen themes, ie. 5 Pies Guaranteed to Impress Your MIL
  • Wedding service pieces to inspire and help the bride and everyone around her
  • We love a good listicle, because who doesn’t?

We are not interested in any product reviews or marketing or promotional materials. But we LOVE to promote our favorite country artists. If you are a publicist with a project that you think our readers will appreciate, please inquire about adding us to your PR distribution list.

One Country is a happy place. We are pro-artist, pro-fans, pro-looking good, and pro-wide open spaces. We do our best to promote civil and respectful discourse about pop-culture, fashion, and lifestyle with a country music focus or angle. Humor is always welcome. Being mean is not.

How to submit: Pitches should be emailed to [email protected] We may not respond to your pitch immediately, but if your proposed article sounds like a good fit, we will try to get back to you within two weeks.

If your pitch is accepted: We pay for original content—payment rates, paperwork, and invoicing details will be forwarded to you after your pitch is accepted. Upon publication, contributors receive a byline and short bio at the end of each published post.

A note on editing: We may request rewrites before publishing your post. While we will not make significant edits or changes to an article’s content without permission, we reserve the right to edit your post for grammar, spelling, and general clarity, and/or change the title. We may also add in relevant links and images.