Carrie Underwood's Latest Bikini Pic Will Make You Want to Renew Your Gym Membership

Carrie Underwood works real hard for what she has-- including her fitness. Currently, Carrie is at the top of her musical game and heading up a fitness line with Dick's Sporting Goods, Calia by Carrie. And who better to model a fitness line than Carrie Underwood?

Carrie posted a photo of herself rockin' the bikini by a lake saying, "Sunshine = ✔️
Lake = ✔️
@caliabycarrie swimsuit = ✔️
Happiness and love for time with family and friends = ✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️
Summertime is all about love...love for people, love for the outdoors and love for living in the moment! Get out there and relax! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ PS: #NoFilter."

Carrie's husband, Mike Fisher is also at the lake, but he's modeling fish and not bikinis.

And don't worry-- Carrie also models the workout wear, too.

Jason Aldean

Brittany Aldean Just Shared the Ultimate Baby Bump Pic, Complete with Puppies

Most babies are pretty cute and the same goes for puppies. So, Brittany Aldean is following all the social media rules for the world's most perfect baby bump pic-- actual baby bump, dog doing something super cute, another dog that's cute but interested in the photo.

Nailed. It.

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How to Get Reese Witherspoon's Vacation Hair

If you've ever looked at Reese Witherspoon and wondered how to get her look-- join the club. When I was in high school I cut out a photo of her from "Sweet Home Alabama" and asked my hair guy to chop off 8 inches of my hair and give me Reese's haircut. I had the hair, but still didn't look like Reese. It's my cross to bear.

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Thomas Rhett's New Single "Unforgettable" Sounds Like His Biggest Hit Yet

Thomas Rhett is only getting better and that's a statement made after hearing a whopping 38 seconds of his newest single, "Unforgettable." Rhett is currently riding high after his latest hit "Craving You" reached No. 1, marking his seventh time at the top of the charts. This new tune, available July 28th will likely land him there again.

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Shania Twain's "Poor Me" Details Ex's Infedility and Her Feelings Now

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There Is Nothing Better Than Southern Grandparents Drinking Moonshine

You could have your grandparents try all of the newfangled technology in the world and get the same reactions. But if you really want to have fun, give them something that used to be illegal, something that doesn't taste good but is associated with a lot of great stories. You got to give 'em moonshine.

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Lady Antebellum

Lady Antebellum Took Sam Hunt's Biggest Hit and Turned it Into Risque "Party in a Bathrobe"

Sam Hunt's "Body Like a Back Road" is poised to become one of the biggest country music singles of all-time, as it sits at No. 1 on Billboard's Hot Country Songs chart for the 24th week in a row.

Hunt's labelmates, Lady Antebellum, took him on tour a couple of years ago, so they know that a little Sam Hunt goes a long way. To capitalize on the success of Hunt's tune and pass some time on the road the men of Lady A did a little remix.

"Party in a Bathrobe" features Charles Kelley on lead vocals wearing a bathrobe with nothing underneath. At one point, he even sings, "lookin' like Hugh Hefner, I don't need underwear."

The video also answers an age-old tour bus question-- are you allowed to poop on the bus? For Charles and crew that's a hard no.

Judge Sanctions Former DJ in Taylor Swift Groping Case for Destroying Evidence

Taylor Swift's case against a former radio DJ in Denver is ongoing, but US District Judge William Martinez has sanctioned the DJ for destroying multiple electronic devices containing key evidence in the case, according to the Denver Post.

In 2015, David "Jackson" Mueller sued Swift saying she falsely accused him of lifting her skirt and groping her before a concert in 2013. In turn, Swift countersued Mueller stating that he waited too long to file his suit and that, "Mueller did not merely brush his hand against Ms. Swift while posing for the photograph: he lifted her skirt and groped her."

There is a photo of the incident, but the judge sealed it on the basis that "widespread media dissemination of this image might significantly complicate jury selection.

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4 Can't Miss Songs From Sara Evans' New Album, 'Words'

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